Good Luck

December 05th, 2019



I am writing this letter from neither the liberal or conservative point of view but the logical (from the facts).

Abortion is out, gun control is in for me. Have you noticed there’s a shooting by young men, some with mental problems, almost daily?

Do you watch the national news, either NBC, CBS, ABC, public TV, and believe what you’re seeing? Of course if you think it’s “fake” you won’t believe any of it, I suppose.

I’m sharing what I see on the evening news. 

I’ve observed that our President Trump, better known as the “Billion Dollar Playboy” who doesn’t want anybody to see his tax returns or how many prostitutes he’s had or how many women he’s mauled.

You didn’t hear what Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the Republican Party, who quit in January, said that Trump was hard to work for and didn’t know a thing about politics.

What about Trump and his special friendships with our enemies — Putin of Russia, Un of North Korea and the killer prince of Saudi Arabia?

Have you noticed how he puts down and insults our allies of France, Germany and England? How about all the men he hired in government offices? There are at least 12 he’s fired or they quit. What about his two lawyers who have gone to prison for lying for Trump?

If that’s not enough, last week he tore into four congresswomen of color and told them to go back where they came from, and they are all American citizens. Then he insulted the whole city of Baltimore by calling it rat-infested and filthy, not fit to live in. 

On and on he goes continuing to divide our country. He’s placed such high tariffs on so many countries some are retaliating, such as Iran.

The children are being pulled away from their parents — a heart-breaking situation. 

If you’ve watched the “fact” news you’ve seen all this, if you choose not to believe the truth, that’s your problem. I try to see things as they are — Ephesians 4:31-32, and II Chronicles 7:14.

Pick your language/Elige su idioma