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December 06th, 2019


Guest Column

Larry Phillips


If nothing else comes out of the mass shootings chaos this past weekend, voters got to see how several of the Democrats running for president handle making sound judgements under stress.


The hysteria and outright sleaziness of people like Beto, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris prove without a doubt they have zero qualifications for being president of this great nation. (And remarks by Obama and Hillary proved the same).

Beto had the audacity of raging against words President Trump never said. He claimed Trump said white supremacists in Charlottesville were good people and that Trump’s support of them encourages people to violence.

What a load of garbage.

Dems have been using this lie since Charlottesville when Trump said, “There were good people on both sides.” Every sane-thinking person knows what Trump said, pointing out good people were on the side of wanting to stop the desecration of statues that are our history – and good people who want them destroyed because they are eternally offended by all of America’s history.

But Dems won’t admit there were only a handful of white supremacists in Charlottesville, so they can claim all who supported maintaining our history were white supremacists, and Trump thinks “they’re good people.”

It’s a total twisting of the facts – and words – to fit the Dems malicious agenda against the man who won the presidency – and his supporters.

Dems, and their evil twin, the Lame Stream Media, fail to note there were also members of Antifa there among the rioters. So, using their own logic, all those wanting to destroy statues were lunatic leftist domestic terrorists, eh?

The Democrats use this tactic at every turn:

Trump wants to secure our borders? 

  • • Well, he hates people of brown color. He’s a racist.

He wants to insure immigrants enter legally and want to become productive Americans.

  • • He hates people that don’t look like him and wants to discriminate against “s***hole countries.”

He pushes back against freshmen congresswomen who hate America and want to foment anarchy.

  • • Trump’s a racist, because those Socialist anarchists are women of color.

He pushes back against Sen. Elijah Cummings for Cummings’ verbal assault on a law enforcement director who is following the laws Cummings voted for.

  • • Trump’s a racist because you can’t challenge a loudmouth senator by shining a light on his own sewer of a district in Baltimore.

Dems twist the truth further than an eight-braided cable and are never challenged by “the media.” 


Because the so-called media is not a media. It is an organized propaganda tool of the Dems, and they walk together as comrades in lock-step, arm-in-arm. And then they all have the gall to call Trump a Nazi?

The American people are smarter than they think. We see the media and Democrats call Trump every name in the book and then refuse to see how “their rhetoric” is inciting the violence that they try to put on Trump.

It’s outright propaganda, and we know they lie to us like throw rugs on a hardwood floor. 

Beto’s egomaniacal public rantings and foul language about the shooting and his assault on Trump – blaming Trump for every bullet – proves he has not one qualification for being president. Well maybe he has one; he’s a U.S. citizen, but he’s laughably not old enough to take the helm of the world’s leading nation.

The Joseph Goebels of the Democrats (the media) have not told their sycophants that follow their every word how Elizabeth Warren and Harris started fundraising off the dead before the victims could even be identified let alone buried.

Harris was emailing out and touting her ability to take action as president within 24 hours, and what was attached to the email but the red “Donate” box. 

Now remember, this woman also wants to ban guns and promises to use executive orders to do so and will send police to your house to confiscate those weapons. She definitely wants a blood-letting civil war.

Another loser not qualified to lead America is Elizabeth. I won’t even get into Warren’s disqualifications other than to say she and Harris, “…are fundraising and attempting to gain media exposure (by) standing on the dead bodies of the victims. It’s obscene,” to use a quote at

Another sad fact is how the media hides the details of the shootings in Chicago over the same weekend.

Dozens of people were shot, leaving seven people dead and 46 wounded from Friday night to Sunday. Can you imagine? All those shootings and seven known deaths to date and nary a mention at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CBS.

I looked and didn’t see a word by the time I am writing this.

Even Buzzfeed had a subheading about Chicago’s chaos: “So Many People Were Shot In Chicago This Weekend, A Hospital Had To Briefly Stop Taking Patients.”

Obscene, but media and Democrats (who run every major city where this kind of decay exists) don’t care if it’s people of color – American citizens – are shooting and killing each other. They care more about illegal immigrants.

And they hate you, the traditional conservatives who believe in our Constitution. You better wake up.

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