July 17th, 2019

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The State of Kansas has not conducted an execution since 1965.

That’s horrible at best, sickening at worst. Where are victims of murders supposed to go for justice? There are several problems in Kansas when it comes to executing heinous killers — a single man and the entire legislature of the state.

The one man is Kansas Secretary of Corrections Roger Werholtz, a spineless leftist who uses phoney statistics that say executions don’t work, they cost too much money, and he even advocates and writes Op-Ed pieces fighting against the death penalty.

No wonder not one of the 10 inmates on death row hasn’t been executed on Werholtz’s watch, the man doesn’t think the rights of victims outweigh his agenda of giving killers more rights than the rest of us.

One quick example is, according to the state’s own posting, “The average annual cost of incarceration at the El Dorado Correctional Facility for Fiscal Year 2016 was $25,596.” That’s where they keep those on “Death Row.”

That’s more money than I get from my Social Security check since retirement. They get more dollars in benefits than I do, and I worked for 56 years of my life.

And Werholtz tries to push all these phoney and “speculative” studies that say this is too expensive, and the death penalty doesn’t deter crime.

I say hogwash, along with millions of families who have been destroyed by murder. You can’t use the statistics from a few years and prove that data to anyone with a fifth grader’s knowledge or better.

How about executing every killer within five years of their sentence, tell me what kind of incentive that provides those even thinking about murdering someone. Let’s try that for 20 years, Werholtz, and see what stats we get then.

This man should be shown the road, but with a liberal Democrat Socialist in the governor’s chair, it won’t happen anytime soon. He has also been ensconced in Kansas Corrections for three decades.

Unless our state representatives make a bold push to replace him with someone who believes in the Constitution.

No that won’t work, either, most of them don’t have much more backbone than Werholtz.

Werholtz wrote in an Oct. 31, 2017, opinion piece in the Topeka Capital-Journal – entitled “End the death penalty in Kansas.” He noted the state’s budget shortfall and the challenges it posed to keeping corrections staff, prisoners and communities safe.

Werholtz never did answer the question, “What expense is there after they’re executed?” That’s the old bait and switch games the leftists use all the time.

He was also quoted as saying: “One simple choice” in addressing the problem (of phoney expenses) “would be to eliminate the excessive amounts of money we are spending on Kansas’ broken death penalty by replacing it with life without parole.”

Give me a break. What’s broken is you won’t execute them when they have been sentenced to death in a court of law.

Execute them and quit using our tax dollars to feed and house them for “life.”

Now don’t think Kansas only has 10 killers in prison, many more have been convicted of murder in various degrees but they were only sentenced – by fuzzy-wuzzy, huggie-bear judges – to “life.”


They get to live while the victims and their families, friends and neighbors are changed forever by murder. But these good ol’ boys get “life,” years to get an education and continue seeing their families.

Kansas is just one of the 50 states that has problems with the death penalty – with the exception of Texas. Texas executes their killers and at an appropriate rate concerning today’s influence on courts and judges by the Socialist Democrats.

I was reading some articles on the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation website (, and the legal wars going on in California over the death penalty are mind boggling. 

“Since 2006, two federal district judges in the San Francisco area have blocked the executions of every eligible death-sentenced murderer in California,” according to a CJLF newsletter article. 

Kent Scheidegger, CJLF legal director, has been fighting U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel and Judge Richard Seeborg, Clinton and Obama appointees, respectively since 2006. Fogel has been caught using rulings that have been overturned by the California Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court for years.

Fogel blocks every attempt of jurisdictions that are following executions by sentencing. When he gets overturned, Fogel strikes up a new ruling that has been overturned years earlier.

Of course, the California Attorney General turns a blind eye to this judicial corruption and will not bring in the U.S. Department of Justice, nor the Socialist Governor.

To put a sense of the size and enormity of the problem of failures to execute sentenced killers across the nation, California – alone – has 749 people on death row in 2017. Many of them have had that designation for decades

It’s probably 800 by now. OMG.

“It’s been a decade since California’s last execution,” and of those 749 murderers, “their execution seems increasingly unlikely,” cheerfully noted Jessica Pishko in an April 28, 2017, report at (Pacific Standard Magazine).

Imagine how many other leftist-run states are coddling killers and using your tax dollars to feed and house them, provide for their every need and giving them “life.”

I say, “Give them death.”

NOTE: If you support the death penalty, go to and read about the battles and corruption CJLF is fighting across the country, and donate to them if you can.

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