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September 19th, 2019

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The field has been set for the upcoming elections, and in some cases there will not be contested races, but in two key races, there will be.

Pending a write in, there will be no challenge for the four seats available for Seward County Community College Board of Trustees. Incumbents John Engel and Marvin Chance, Jr., plus former SCCC Board member Sharon Hobble and first-time candidate and Seward County Democratic Party Chairman Kay Burtzloff will serve.

For the USD No. 480 School Board, Stewart Cauble was the only candidate to run for the unexpired term, and, barring a write in, will serve another two years.

Incumbents Steve Helm, Cliff Abbott, Royce Kitts and Travis Combs are all seeking re-election against candidates Sarah Mersdorf-Foreman, Kathy Fitzgerald, Naomi Vargas and Mike Brack.

The Liberal City Commission also has a contested race for the three seats available.

All three incumbents are seeking re-election, including Jack Carlile, Tony Martinez and Ron Warren. 

They will be running with five more candidates including Tony Whisenant, Jimmy Holman, Chris Linenbroker, Roberto Sanchez and Cynthia Martin.

What you should expect from the candidates

If these candidates are serious about representing you, they need to show it. They should be campaigning. Whether it be with yard signs, advertisements, public meet and greets, social media interaction, participating in public forums or all of the above.

You should expect the candidates to provide their position on issues. Platitudes are nice, and their backgrounds are helpful, but what are their positions on the 1-cent sales tax, how can Liberal grow, and what are their visions for the future?

You should expect to have answers to those questions and more.


What candidates should expect from you

These people are sticking their neck out for you. They are putting their name and reputation in full public display, and they deserve your attention.

You have work to do.

You should be reading articles, listening to interviews and gathering as much information about these candidates as you can.

Voting for someone because you know them isn’t good enough. You have to put the best interests of the community first, and you need to educate yourself on these candidates.

Our future is now in your hands. The choice is yours.

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