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August 26th, 2019

earl watt mugL&T Publisher Earl Watt


Growing up with my Uncle Eddie, I learned quickly that you can’t always blindly trust all people. My Uncle Eddie was a prankster and the master of deception, and it wasn’t long before I figured out that he was almost always trying to pull one over on me. It became almost impossible to disseminate fact from fiction. It was all in good fun, and we have a great relationship to this day.

But there is a danger in constantly questioning whether or not someone is being truthful, and when we start to question the credibility of those who are supposed to be the pillars of society, we are in trouble.

Take, for example, the partisan bickering we have in our government. In a quest for power, our leaders have gone too far in their attacks on one another and on the institution of government itself, and in doing so are eroding the very fabric of our system.

There is only one goal for those who want socialism, and that is the complete and utter destruction of our government. Socialism directly contradicts individual freedom and liberty, plus, it is hard to force people to believe in a dictatorial form of government when they are armed.

It’s clear why the socialists seek to destroy the government, but Republicans and Democrats are supposed to be the pillars of our democratic republic. They are supposed to debate on the merit of their views, take a vote, and move on to the next policy issue.

But that’s not what we have.

Instead, we have both sides accusing the other of corruption. They call each other liars and thieves and out to harm the American people.

The people, then, are left to believe one side to be right, the other side to be corrupt, or the people must believe that one side is lying about the other, which is equally as bad.

Either way, our leaders are destroying faith in government.

Since we operate in a system of self-government, when our government is destroying itself, it is taking us with it.

In my lifetime, no other president has ever been attacked as much as this president has.

Since CNN is still hurt that they failed in getting Hillary Clinton elected, they have made it their purpose to bring down this president.

That effort has destroyed their credibility as well, except for those who want to believe the constant barrage.

Any reasonably-minded person knows they are not practicing biased reporting.

FOX News also has credibility issues by hosting so many opinion shows.

Either they are both liars, or if they are both telling the truth, then our entire government is corrupt beyond repair.

The Democrats haven’t limited their attacks to President Trump, either. They have called for the resignation of Education Secretary Betty DeVos, Housing and Urban Development Director Ben Carlson, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr, claiming them all to be corrupt despite being confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Again, either the Democrats do not believe anyone with a differing opinion on how to carry out policy should serve, which would be a dictatorship, or they are right, and all of the people are corrupt and stealing from the people.

In either case, we have placed our public trust in the wrong people.

This is what they do not understand and how they are damaging our nation.

In their zeal to win total control of government, they are destroying it along the way.

Being political has become a slash and burn game. The political slogan for all candidates should be, “If we cannot win, nobody can.”

The trap is if one side takes the high road, they will fall victim to the other side’s vicious and never-ending attacks.

This almost happened when the House of Representatives considered impeachment of Richard Nixon in 1972. While many like to invoke his name as a terrible president, they forget he won 49 states in 1972 and won the Electoral College vote 520-17. He won with 60.7 percent of the vote. No president since has received that high of a percentage of the vote.

Contrary to popular belief, Nixon was not impeached, but he chose to step down amid a real case of abuse of presidential power, nothing like the false claims we have seen today.

When stepping down, Nixon told his closest advisers, “I just hope I haven’t let you down,” he said in an interview after his presidency had ended. “That said it all,” he continued. “I had: I let down my friends, I let down the country, I let down our system of government and the dreams of all those young people that ought to get into government but will think it is all too corrupt.”

Nixon stepped down, the only president ever to do so.

We will never see today’s politicians step down. They become embedded in government, and when an outsider gets in, the rest gang up to teach them a lesson.

Our government has become corrupt, and when they talk to us, we don’t believe them. We don’t hold reverence for the offices they hold because each side accuses the other of being a criminal.

From chants of “Lock her up” at Republican rallies to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying, “I don’t want the president impeached, I want him in prison,” we are watching the faith in government undermined by itself.

 Many believe the swamp of Washington needs to be drained, and others want to find a way around the Electoral College because their states didn’t get their way.

We will never have another form of government as free as what we have, but without self discipline from our leaders, we will see the inevitable collapse when we no longer respect the decisions made by these people.

The press is advocating the destruction of America by constantly giving voice to the loudest and most extreme voice rather than focusing on the voices of reason.

And the socialists are setting back ready to strike by offering order to the chaos of freedom.

All because if we can’t be in complete control, nobody can.

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