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August 26th, 2019

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It was difficult to watch the video Jan. 19 – the longer video showing the factual scenes – and hard to believe it was happening in the United States of America. The land of “Free Speech” and “Freedom of Religion.”

It was painful to see a racist, barbarian, terrorist group called the Black Hebrew Israelites savagely verbally attack a bunch of 15- and 16-year-olds gathered waiting for their bus back home to Kentucky. They were so brave trying to taunt these kids into a fight or a riot.

These boys, who go to a Catholic School, annually attend the “March For Life” march in Washington D.C. But progressive communist predators who want to suppress their free speech rights, found their prey.

So they attacked when opportunity arose – they are paid to do this folks – against kids. The boys were initially verbally attacked because:

1. They wore MAGA hats; and

2. They were White; and

3. The terrorist Black men knew they could push around and threaten children.

Joining these terrorists-communists were an Omaha tribe elder named Nathan Phillips, the lead drummer with an Indian percussion group – also a paid activist. Phillips intentionally walked slowly and directly over to a MAGA hat-wearing 15-year-old White kid and got in his face – not just in the boy’s space – but in his face. The drum and pounding drum stick were merely a few inches from the boy’s face.

The boy stood firm and gave no ground, even though it was evident Phillips was trying to provoke him into a fight or a riot.

I was absolutely sickened by the incident and how the “Enemy Within,” the media and Hollywood crucified this boy and his school mates. I got online and started doing research (I’ve been doing research for two decades of being a reporter).

I quickly discovered this Phillips, 63, is a professional, “paid” activist and has been for 30 years. He’s a life-long proven liar, and I have plenty of proof, don’t worry. I wondered if his calling card reads: “Token Indian For Hire – Kids parties, marches, rallies and riots?”

I pushed back against this sickening media onslaught by posting online my opinions and total disgust of Phillips, the “Brave” Indian going up against a bunch of Catholic kids. I received the usual and expected “shot across the bow” on my opinion, mainly from low-IQ folks who had not watched the “whole story.”

I do not personally know Phillips, but I didn’t know Lee Harvey Oswald either. But I know enough about Harvey’s activities to despise the man and opine he was an evil snake.

I don’t hate Phillips – or Indians – just because they’re Indians or Democrats. I would hate Phillips’ actions if he were a member of the KKK or Republican Senator Jeff Flake or an ACLU attorney just the same.

Phillips just happens to be an Indian and a Democrat and a paid radical agitator. I hope a real journalist looks into who was paying the “Hate Posse” of the Hebrew Israelites and Phillips’ percussion band? I would bet it’s the Tide Foundation which gets most of its funds from George Soros. We might find out.

Further research – imagine that – shows Phillips has been a liar, oops, I mean loose with the truth, since 1972 when he enlisted in the Marines as Nathan Stanard. He became a refrigeration truck mechanic or technician.

Phillips has since been very untruthful about his service.

According to Glenn Beck, “Phillips is a member of the Omaha tribe, born and raised in Lincoln, Neb. He says he was 5 years old when he was, ‘taken away from my family and put in foster care.’”

He bounced around and ended up with a – God-forbid – White family, who “was abusive, until he was 17,” he claims. Then into the Marines. I won’t get into his published history of alcoholism after getting out of the service.

But later he was quoted as saying, “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger. That was my role.” That was from a Vogue article dug up by retired Navy Seal Don Shipley. Shipley also discovered that Phillips went AWOL while in the service.

Phillips has been quoted many times that he was a Vietnam Veteran. 

“Phillips even has said how hard it was to be a veteran returning to the U.S. during the Vietnam era. He said, ‘People called me a baby killer, and a hippie girl spit on me,’” according to a Tuesday posting at

More proof of trash. Pure trash.

Shipley kept digging and found Phillips’ Marines DD-214 which clearly states he was a “non-combat vet.” Shipley even made a YouTube video showing the military document.

After numerous questions about his service, which Shipley is quoted as saying, “Phillips was a rifleman for ‘two days’ and a refrigerator mechanic in Lincoln, Neb., and El Toro, Calif., the rest of his service. Retired a private.” 

Phillips now claims he has always made the distinction that, “I’m a Vietnam-era Vet.”

More hogwash.

Early when everyone was digging the death pits for these boys and lighting the torches, including the despicable “National Review” and tired old phoney Bill Kristol, Phillips told the Washington Post Friday, shortly after the incident, that he was “mobbed” by the Covington students.

Another untruth? Yes.

He was challenged after seeing the entire video and changed his tune. Imagine that? He then said he walked over to “try and calm things.”

More hogwash, look at the video again. Who would believe one word from this pathological liar?

A day after bravely threatening kids, he and his newly established “Indigenous People’s Movement” tried to cause a riot at a Catholic Church there in Washington.

“Phillips, along with about 20 other activists, tried to disrupt a Saturday evening Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, while chanting and banging on their drums, according to the Catholic News Agency,” in a Tuesday report by Alana Mastrangelo for

The security guard was fearing for his life, and he said he knew nothing of this man being a provocateur against the kids on Friday.

“‘It was really upsetting,’ said the security guard, ‘There were about 20 people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything.’”

He added. “The protest … was really the worst. We had hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the country come here to celebrate life,” he continued, “It’s a house of worship, a place of prayer where people come to celebrate. All this anger is so against what we are all about here.”

It should also be “… so against what we are all about here” in this entire nation. I actually had a friend tell me I was a little over the top when opining on Facebook my sickening disgust of this paid activist and his fellow terrorists, the Black Hebrew Israelites, and it made me even sadder.

When we have people who know right from wrong turn a blind eye when “wrong” is totally smothering them and they don’t fight or push back, our country is truly doomed.

When the day comes that everybody can take joy in the destruction of young Christian “white” kids, and not stand up for them – for “what’s right,” that marks the day we have lost our way in the sea of humanity. 

I will never bow to, or succumb or kneel and kiss the shoes of these terrorists who are destroying our country.

Never. Never. Never.


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