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August 26th, 2019

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Despite all the wailing, whining and moaning by leftist-socialists and communists, Daniel Lee Lopez, 27, was executed by lethal injection on the morning of Aug. 12, 2015, in Huntsville Prison in Texas.

One of the rare great days for the victims’ versus 10,000 good days for killers.

On Wednesday this week, another 61-year-old Texas inmate was executed for killing a Houston police officer more than three decades ago.

Another great day for the rights of victims.

The ultimate lie of the left – who attacked the wife of the police officer Lopez killed because she wanted to watch Lopez die – saying, “This is not who we are as a country, we’re kind and humane.”

That statement alone is enough to make victims of murder wretch.

Here’s what the officer’s widow was quoted as saying in 2015 after the execution in a USA Today report online:

“This has nothing to do with revenge,” Vicky Alexander said afterward. “This has to do with the law. And when you break the law, there’s punishment for what you do. He broke the ultimate law, and he had to pay the ultimate price, as my husband did.”

Hooray for her. 

She is like millions of Americans who are sick and tired of progressive leftists making excuses for criminals who routinely engage in killing and murdering, whether accidental or intentional planning and every stripe in between.

Our nation has turned into a bastion of murder – and though the anti-constitutionalists like to spin it as gun problems – it’s actually the result of leftists who continually diminish punishment.

In the 1930s, executions were quickly enforced shortly after convictions and a couple of appeals.

For instance, here are how numbers of executions have dwindled and how the public’s demands have slowly increased them:

1935 – 197 executions

1950 – 83

1965 – 10

1979 – 2

You can see how leftists pushing for more lenient terms of punishment has decreased executions – and, in my opinion, INCREASED the incentive for criminals to keep killing at will, and the more heinous, the better. 


Because these criminals know they’ll get “life” from the easy, powder-puff judges who have no backbones or have never been personally touched by a horrendous, bloody murder.

The execution rate has steadily increased to 98 executions nationwide in 1999, but it’s going back down again.

There were 144 cops murdered across the nation last year. That will be among the many shameful legacies associated with Obama, who started the war on law enforcement.

I know there are millions of Americans who have been touched – or destroyed – by murder. I feel most would agree “life” for the killer isn’t strong enough punishment. I pray they organize and rally for the “death penalty.”

Where is the nationwide call for the death penalty? I’m so tired of giving them “life.” They get three square meals a day, medical, dental, a roof over their head, a weight training gym, basketball courts outside, libraries, free education, free cable, utilities, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

That’s why we have prisons overflowing – and that plays right into the socialist Democrats’ hands; they cry for releasing all those criminals onto the streets. Obama released thousands of criminals calling their drug offenses not harmful to the public. Another of Obama’s sick legacies.

In my New King James Version Bible, it notes in Exodus 21-12. “He who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death.”

In my opinion, that says it plainly, simply and directly. And in the olden days, that was the law. It has been observed for centuries. 

But then, people who want deadly killers released and roaming the streets and alleys of America took over the Democratic Socialist party. They demonize anyone who wants Biblical justice. 

It is they who should be demonized. Look at the border security chaos currently in Washington. They want open borders, regardless if rapists, arsonists or murderers come across.

Let’s look at new abortion laws in New York and one proposed in Virginia. Aborting and then killing a baby right before birth is now legal in these acts passed and pushed by Socialist Democrats. 

It is okay to take a pregnant woman going into cervical dilation, and then pull that baby out and euthanize it or kill it with drugs, or maybe even stabbing it through the heart with a long nail and a hammer – who knows?

What kind of nation are we becoming – and, more importantly, are you okay with it?

Look to Florida, just one of about a dozen states with coastal waters, which have similar laws.

In Florida, if a human being touches – let alone destroys – more than a dozen turtle eggs, its a felony. Officials will arrest you, throw you in the local jail, try you, sentence you with that felony, and can put you in prison up to five years and fine you $5,000. 

Yet, “It’s only an egg.”

Isn’t that what the leftists tell us about embryos?  Progressives call embryos “a multicellular diploid eukaryotic organism.” I call them babies of human beings.


Now leftist socialists are telling us babies minutes from birth are just eggs, or embryos.

• You go to prison for killing a turtle egg, but walk free after killing a human baby.


Is this not twisted beyond belief?

•They want illegal aliens who are known criminals to have more protections than us – real Americans.


Is this not twisted beyond belief?

• Progressives fight and rally for allowing convicted killers to walk the streets – the “rights” of imprisoned murderers are above law-abiding Americans. Leftists refute an eye for an eye.


Is this not twisted beyond belief?

• Last year, 2018, the total executed was 25 murderers, yet the American public killed 144 law enforcement officers.

Is this not twisted beyond belief?

Until we fight back, push back, challenge the enemy, we will fall like a house of cards within 20 years. Watch those deadly happenings in Venezuela over and over and ask yourself, “Could this really happen here in the streets of America?”

Absolutely, if you don’t get off the couch and get involved.

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