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October 17th, 2019

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The national Lame Stream Media – the enemy of the people – lit up the wires, presses and cable news outlets last month when another Congressional racist brought up discussions on paying reparations to Blacks for the sin of slavery in America.

Earlier in April, several Democratic Presidential hopefuls took the podium at the Rev. Al Sharpton‘s annual National Action Network convention. After being led by Sharpton – America’s premiere race hustler, income tax evader and media hoax – they all stood up in support for reparations.

Cory Booker had even introduced his own reparations legislation in April that was a companion piece to Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee‘s own House resolution.

“I am proud to introduce legislation that will finally address many of our country’s policies — rooted in a history of slavery and white supremacy — that continue to erode Black communities, perpetuate racism and implicit bias, and widen the racial wealth gap,” Booker tweeted at the time.

His words are exactly what the Democratic Party is guilty of and responsible for – policies that continue to erode Black communities, perpetuate racism and implicit bias. 

How ironic, because millions of Blacks are waking up to that fact. Democrats have been keeping them enslaved on the dependency plantation.

I’ve heard many plans for reparations to Blacks, but folks, not one of these hypocrites running for the Socialist-Democrat nomination believes reparations will happen. 

It’s all smoke and mirrors, dedicated to all Socialist-Democrat liars’ tried and true methods for winning votes: Keep racism alive at any cost; divide America along racial lines; strike fear in all people of color that they’re in mortal danger living in this horrific country.


Let’s look back at some history Socialist-Democrats and Black leaders don’t want Americans to remember or even know.

In the historical video series, “The American Revolution,” written and narrated by Allen C. Guelzo, Ph.D., he points out, “In the course of the war, 80,000 American Black slaves – one fifth of all the slaves in America – ran away and joined the British.”

That’s right, 20-percent of slaves in America fought with the British, trying to kill as many colonists as possible – traitors to America’s independence.

Why? Because they believed the Brits’ promises of “freedom if they turned against the colonists.” They’re traitorous actions proved the old adage attributed to P. T. Barnum – “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

History shows that around 5,000 Blacks followed Britains’ Charles Cornwallis to Yorktown to fight the colonists and “exterminate Washington’s army.”


They all lost, and it was the slaves who literally lost everything. Once the peace treaty was signed in Paris in 1783, Britain “shrugged off responsibility for them,” according to Dr. Guelzo.

“Several thousand of them were shipped off to Nova Scotia, where they received meager compensation from their erstwhile loyalist friends.”

History shows “ … 1,200 or so emigrated to London, where in May of 1787, the Abolitionist Granville Sharp, employed them (Blacks) as the core for a Black colonization experiment on the west coast of Africa – Sierra Leone.”

Dr. Guelzo continues, “Other refugee Blacks were simply sold back into slavery in the Bahamas and the West Indies, and others were kept back by bayonets from boarding the (British) evacuation ships.”

Thousands simply disappeared back into the countryside and Canada.

So, my plan for reparations includes running DNA ancestry examinations of all the traitors to America, and keeping them from any reparations.

If one was as idiotic as the reparation crowd, it would be mandatory that ancestors of traitors would be tried and possibly jailed, eh?

Naturally not, that’s as insane as paying Blacks reparations today. Black leaders and guilty left-wing White socialists whine that slaves suffered. We get it. The next question is who hasn’t? 

America has not been perfect, but the beauty of our Founding “White” Fathers’ Constitution, providing liberty and power to the people, gave us the way to amend that sacred document – which gave us the power to end slavery and provide equality for Blacks and minorities.

That Constitution is why Black descendants in America are the most blessed than in any other nation on Earth, and if there is a better place for Blacks and their families, move there. There isn’t, and everyone knows that.

But that fact doesn’t enter the minds of those who stoke division and racism. 

Blacks need to realize how Socialist-Democrats have held back generations of Blacks – who have been told by the leftist elitists that they’re too stupid to learn and need more inner-city schools, which constantly fail. 

Elitists tell Blacks they can’t succeed because they’re Black. Elitists who convince Blacks they can’t live in beautiful homes, so they build more inner-city projects with low rents. How are those working out? Elitists have produced whiners that believe everything should be given to them. Apparently they don’t mind crawling up to the government’s dependency trough to feed and survive.

Blacks have been more pampered and appeased in today’s America than any other race in the world. They need to tell the race baiters and poverty pimps to get lost. Let’s all unite and get to work making this country great for all of us. We are all proud Americans and NOT oppressed victims.

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