Good Luck

December 06th, 2019



I read and re-read the letter from G. Weiss several times and was unable to understand why he or she thought it was written from a neutral point of view, so I’d like to share my points, and you won’t have to guess where I stand.

Weiss needs to clarify the first sentence in paragraph two: Is abortion no longer important? Millions of lives are destroyed by abortions and thousands by guns, but not one life is either more or less important than another whether done by male or female, mental problems or not. None of these facts are new, and by taking our right to defend ourselves or others opens the door to more crime and sometimes death.

Fox News Channel isn’t mentioned here — do you ever watch it? It’s interesting to switch and compare all the different views and catch what is frequently left out of aforementioned station comments. Some have more “fake” than others, so it is entertaining to hear what some of my liberal friends hear from a commentary or video.


President Trump has definitely said and done things that are not acceptable in or out of office, and hopefully he gets these flaws taken care of. Do these compare to Kennedy’s affairs in the White House (many), Johnson’s affairs in the White House, Clinton’s affairs in the White House, plus, how many of Clinton’s associates have died mysteriously (one was so agile he was able to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head), and the list goes on.

If I were the boss and an employee publicly disagreed with me and was undermining my goals, there would be no need to keep him. That is why President Trump was such a successful business man. True, he could have used a little more couth, especially when confronting the leaders of other countries.

Question: Do you only speak or socialize with others who agree with you or expect something in return?

How much do you actually listen and understand what Rashid Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are saying and writing about in their radical outlets? Do you honestly know what is in store for your daughters if they are able to enact Sharia law? Look up female genital sterilization and see what the horrible consequences are. Listen to what these victims have gone through and what has to be done to correct it if possible. I’ve both seen and heard — it’s horrible.

Baltimore is ninth down the list of rat infestation of the top 50 cities in the U.S. Read or watch Theo Anthony’s documentary “Rat Film” and see how the city’s infestation intersects with segregation, poverty and other policies caused by the city to be “red lined,” the practice in which banks and lending institutions ban investments and lending in many non-white neighborhoods. Think of this times 50 or more.

Let’s see, Obama gave $1.5 billion to Iran. For what? Did the people get any to ease their burdens? Doesn’t seem like it. Did they stop nuclear development? Dont think so. Did they stop persecuting those who are different like homosexuals and Christians? Don’t think so. Want more Obama?

Now for children being pulled away from their parents — this is definitely a hot spot on every angle no matter what your political leaning. America has laws governing the safety of its borders and of its citizens. Being overrun and overcrowding has caused problems on and deep within our borders for our citizens that can’t be addressed by simply allowing everyone including “fake” families to just enter at will.

This is my First Amendment expression.

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