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October 19th, 2019

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College graduation ceremonies were once viewed as a great accomplishment and the beginning of the grand journey called “life.”

Today, those ceremonies are proof of how the progressives are turning out left-wing socialists who will never be contributers to society – unless they get to control all us heathens in their authoritarian dream utopia.

A perfect example was reported recently when dozens of Taylor University graduates, staff and faculty members walked out of Vice President Mike Pence’s May 18 commencement speech.

Taylor University is a private, interdenominational, evangelical Christian college in Upland, Ind., a short distance north of Muncie, Ind. It was founded in 1846, and is one of America’s oldest evangelical Christian colleges.

But, apparently, it is not insulated from the invasion of socialist and communist professors who influenced the dullards that walked out on Pence.

College was once revered for learning and how to think for oneself. 

Not today. 

When one disregards freedom of speech, and fails to listen to possible opposing views and “truths,” learning has ceased in individuals like that. They will become social piranhas that are nothing but vacuous receptacles for communist tenents. And that is exactly what their professors were determined to produce.

Education in math, physics, history and science had been replaced with indoctrination, which, ironically, teaches the progressives’ definition of “social science,” which brainwashes students into believing the importance of “group think” and the true benefit “of the social commune.” And to abhor individuality.

It’s been the goal of socialists from the early days here in America by the likes of Herbert Croly (1869-1930) and John Dewey (1859-1952), both dedicated “Progressives” who insisted we must forget every word of the Declaration of Independence because that document only pertained to the men of 1776.

What’s interesting is Corly’s and Dewey’s works were idolized by Presidents Woodrow Wilson and even Teddy Roosevelt to a large degree. What Wilson and Roosevelt failed to mention in many of their anti-declaration progressive rants were that both Croly and Dewey admitted their philosophys were based on works by Karl Marx.

Yes, the communist Marx, founder of Marxism.

Though Dewey was a professor and educator, he originated the experimentalism philosophy of progressivism. He was an early advocate of “reconstructing education to comport with his notions of progressivism and to integrate his ideology into the public school system,” according to Mark Levin in his book “Rediscovering Americanism … And the Tyranny of Progressivism.”

Dewey lectured “… against merely teaching basic academic coursework, which both teacher and student are to transcend. Instead, education is to emphasize the general consciousness for the social community and collective.”

Notice it’s the “teacher and the student who must transcend.” His emphasis is demanding public schools need to use progressive teachers to indoctrinate students, whom Dewey called, “the immature.”

This doctrine is why we have students – even from Christian-based colleges – turned into raving left-wing lunatics who despise America and its Constitutional Republic. They hate all the amendments in the Bill of Rights and declare the words in the Declaration of Independence worthless. 

Don’t believe me, Google Croly and Dewey and see the books they have written and the essays and papers. Americans are supposed to turn to the collective and allow the government take over everything – healthcare, industry and manufacturing, the entire energy sector, education, all financial institutions and all agriculture-related businesses.

Sound familiar?

Look at the Green New Deal; Medicare for all; putting fossil fuel companies and the coal industry out of business. And many more.

It’s actually hilarious, if it wasn’t so dangerous. There are millions of indoctrinated college children and brainwashed adults out there that follow these socialists and communists. 

They believe their lives will be glorious when government tells them what to do, what to eat, wear, say, write about, when to worship, if allowed – all the evils that history tells us comes from socialism. And they love redistribution of wealth.

Although most of the nearly 500 graduates at Taylor stayed in place, dozens boycotted Pence, along with faculty members. 

Alumnus of the school should demand professors that turn their back on free speech be fired from the school.

The Indianapolis Star, according to a report at, spoke with students at the commencement ceremony about the vice president’s invitation. 

“I was really disappointed in Taylor’s decision to welcome Pence as our commencement speaker,” Taylor graduate Laura Rathburn said. “I think it was an inappropriate decision. His presence makes it really difficult for everyone in the Taylor community to feel welcome and celebrated at our commencement.” 

What garbage.

What idiocy.

And this coming from a college graduate who is beginning the grand journey called “life.” A dullard who has no value for free speech or conservative views she may find offensive.

Hopefully, all her employers – and she will have many as she won’t be able to keep a job with her flaky sensibilities – will be able to provide some “safe places” where she can boycott and hide in.


I wish I could be there every time “mean ol’ life” kicks her to the curb and stomps on her, and all she can do is whine about it. She’ll probably end up in an institution somewhere in San Fransisco after they pick her up off the street at one of the hundreds of homeless campsites. 

Heh. Heh.

Poor thing, and she can only thank her socialist brainwashers at Taylor, better known as “Professors of Progressivism.”

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