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August 23rd, 2019

earl watt mugL&T Publisher Earl Watt


Just a couple of years ago, many still believed the Barack Obama was not born in the United States, which could have made him ineligible to be president.

But politicians had to make this claim at their own peril, because they would instantly be labeled a racist bigot.

There were no official investigations, no Congressional hearings, no independent counsels appointed to look into these claims. To this day, Obama’s college entrance applications are sealed leaving many to still believe the reason is because he filed as a foreign exchange student.

Fast forward to today, where another outlandish claim against a president has been issued, but notice the very different approaches.

After an independent counsel concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, many opponents of the president continue to spew the now defunct narrative.

“But, wait,” all the naysayers plead. “Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not exonerate him on obstruction. Surely he is guilty of that.”

Again, no special counsel is ever tasked with the job of proving someone’s innocence. Their only job is to prove a crime was committed.

Mueller could not make that determination based on the evidence, so he turned it over to Attorney General William Barr to make the call.

Barr made the call — no obstruction could be proven without a reasonable doubt in court.

And yet, tonight and every night between now and the next election, the biased new media will continue to claim the president is guilty of something — anything.

What’s the difference between these claims and the claims made against Obama?

There is little difference in the claims but a world of difference in the reaction to them.

With the media clearly on the left’s side, they continue to provide what Trump said was wrong with Washington, D.C., all along. It’s a swamp festering with the ruling class that will use the government as a weapon against anyone it sees as an opponent.

The swamp isn’t made up of liberal-only thinkers, either. Anyone who believes the government is the source of all power, either stated or implied, is part of the swamp, and their mortal enemy is Donald Trump.

He doesn’t play by their rules. He ran to disrupt the status quo of big government and life-long bureaucrats and office holders who have stopped doing the interest of the people in an effort to enhance and extend their own celebrity status.

Not one Russian cast a ballot in the 2016 election. And their involvement was nothing more than running Facebook ads that were similar to ads already running by other political groups in the United States.

And yet, the opposition is acting as if Vladimir Putin cast a ballot in our election.

With Congress facing challenges at the border, rising health care costs and job-killing regulations, the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives has instead opted to use the limited amount of time to govern by focusing on this hoax.

Enough is enough.

With more subpoenas and threats of having lawyers cross-examine witnesses at Congressional hearings rather than by members of Congress, the Democrats continue to make Trump’s case about the abuse of authority.

How could anyone with a straight face say we are facing a Constitutional crisis because the president has not complied with a politically-motivated request from the opposition party in Congress?

No one said America was facing a Constitutional crisis when then-Attorney General Eric Holder (a Democrat appointed by Barack Obama who publicly stated he was the president’s “wing man” as attorney general) when he refused to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious fiasco that ended with guns placed in the hands of drug cartels and a dead border patrol agent killed by one of these guns provided by the American government.

Both sides have played these political games, but Donald Trump doesn’t. Like most Americans, he is fed up with the political games where politicians keep their jobs while accomplishing little in allowing Americans to discover their own potential.

Politicians experience their potential, but with no immigration reform, no trade deal reform, no real health care reform and no real solutions to infrastructure needs, Americans work harder so politicians can play games in Washington, D.C. The more games they play, the more they justify Trump as president.

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