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August 23rd, 2019
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larry phillips mugshotGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet


Last week, L&T Publisher/Owner Earl Watt and I had slight differences over using so-called “hyphenated Americans.” 

He preferred the term African Americans to my use of Blacks in my column, and the one which was printed in the Sunday edition. The printed edition was not the way I wrote it – very close, but not exactly.

I was unaware of the changes until I pulled it up online at early Sunday morning. We exchanged texts and, graciously, Watt undid the editing on the online editorial, and I am very thankful he acknowledged and supported my free speech rights.

He explained he was actually using Associated Press guidelines, which is fine by some, and abhorrent to others, which includes me. For example, AP has determined newspapers should call people who sneak into this country and breaking the law as “undocumented migrants” or “undocumented workers.”

I prefer the truth – and my Constitutional right to free speech – to call them what they are – “illegal immigrants.” But that is just one of many things AP is doing to hinder free speech. You would think the world’s largest gatherer of news would fight to protect free speech.

Not so. 

It strives to brainwash all its readers and journalists (what so few remain) who subscribe to AP Style Books that they should use “politically-correct speech,” Everyone must use AP’s definitions – which conforms with its leftwing, progressive agenda. 

One of the problems – which are too numerous to detail here – is AP’s CEO, President and Board Chairman is Gary Pruitt. He took control of AP in July 2012 after working for and leading McClatchy Company for 28 years. 

At that time, AP announced McClatchy was the third largest newspaper company in America, owning 30 daily newspapers with a combined circulation of 2.0 million daily and 2.8 million on Sundays.

The Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City Star are owned by the McClatchy Co. here in Kansas. 

Enough said.

The danger is the McClatchy chain – formed from the Sacramento Bee in the 1800s – is in the vein of the San Fransisco Examiner, also in northern California. The most liberal area in the U.S. and were both spawned from America’s love affair with leftist Hollywood.

The Examiner was owned by William Randolph Hearst, the proud home of “Yellow Journalism.” Look it up: It’s about a writer whose icon was a man with a yellow umbrella. 

But bottom line is, yellow journalism still exists today – using misinformation, withholding truths, ignoring reality – all to promote a news company’s leftist ideology.

It is McClatchy’s agenda one now sees at AP. It’s sad, but that’s the truth. AP is dictating the way people talk or write by pushing political correctness – some subtle, some not – to promote its progressive agenda, as most of the media is using today.

By using terms like African American, its meaning is subtle, but it has been ridiculed for more than 100 years – not just by me.

“The term ‘hyphenated American’ was published by 1889, and was common as a derogatory term by 1904,” according to

It was used as a term questioning the loyalty of foreign-born Americans – like German-Americans or Irish-Americans. Former President Theodore Roosevelt brought up the subject in 1915 when speaking to a largely Catholic crowd at a convention of the Knights of Columbus.

Here is his recorded statement:

“There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad.

“But a hyphenated American is not an American at all … The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic … 

“There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else,” Roosevelt concluded.

Later, President Woodrow Wilson regarded “hyphenated Americans” with suspicion, saying, “Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.”

My belief is you are either an American or you are an African. American or an Irishman. An American or an Asian. You can’t be both if you live and support this nation above all others.

That’s one of our problems with progressives and their agenda – they have no committed allegiance to this nation above all others. They want globalism and communism. Period.

Humans since their beginnings have developed language as a way to communicate, to warn their brethren of dangers, to help others know their intent. 

Words have meanings. Trees are not “large above ground intrusions of roots.” Trees are trees. 

But, progressives are destroying the English language to make it politically correct – to push their agenda of globalism and what they will tolerate – or else, you heathens and despicables.

We must fight back against silencing free speech or being intimidated for speaking the truth.

I will fight it til my death, will you?

Pick your language/Elige su idioma

Lib Coalition-learn & play

GUEST COLUMN, Greg Doering, Kansas Farm Bureau


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