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December 13th, 2019

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 While talking politics recently with my family physician, a subject we agreed upon was Kansas has an enormous need to change how our state’s governor is elected. 

We both reflected on the fact western Kansas – nay most of Kansas – has no voice in how our governor is elected. Simply said, our votes don’t count.

Democrat Laura Kelly won the governorship with 48 percent of the votes to 43 percent for Republican Kris Kobach. But here’s the massive inequality of our state’s system: Kelly only won in nine counties.

When looking at the state map, there are 105 counties, she won the election by earning the majority of votes in less than 9 percent of the state. That tells you all you need to know about “population centers.”

That is an outrage.

She won in the populous counties of Shawnee, Sedgwick, Harvey, Riley, Lyon, Crawford, Douglas, Johnson and Wyandotte. 

Kobach took the other 96 counties – or about 91 percent of the state.

Talk about the need for some kind of state electoral college. Ya think? 

Allowing these few nests of leftists decide who governs our state is an outrage.

Lets look into these left-leaning counties.

First, Sedgwick is at the top of populous counties in the state and full of minorities, who according to a Politico analysis of the Kansas election, went heavily for Kelly. Wyandotte and Johnson the same thing – Kansas City and again, the heavily populated counties full of minorities who always vote Democrat after being promised to receive free things.

Then the rest are more or less college or university nests of leftist progressives. Douglas has Lawrence and the University of Kansas; Crawford has Pittsburg State University; Riley has Kansas State University; there’s Emporia State University in Lyon County; and even Harvey County has little ol’ Bethel College.

Shawnee is home to Topeka and massive amounts of Democrat bureaucrats (The Swamp in Kansas) – and the Topeka Capital-Journal – and even well-known RINOS. 

Get this, along with the predictable endorsement from the Kansas City Star, Kelly was also publicly crowned with endorsements from Former Gov. Bill Graves, Former Gov. Mike Hayden and Former Sen. Nancy Kassebaum – all supposedly Republicans. 

In my opinion, they are traitors to conservatism. They are “Establishment Republicans” that are so used to kissing the feet of Socialist Democrats, they have become irrelevant dinosaurs, who will be eventually eaten alive by those whose feet they are kissing.

Folks, these are the kind of RINOs we could get rid of if these nine leftist counties faced an electoral style of elections in this state. The current election system means the vast numbers of traditional conservatives which feed the coffers of the state from border to border never have a chance. 

I understand the federal laws control elections of U.S. Senators, Representatives and Governors, but maybe there is some wiggle room in there? Possibly?

We need to find real conservatives that will look into fair elections where 96 counties out of 105 have a say. Right now, the governor only has to campaign in these nine counties. 

And with socialist professors indoctrinating the youth at our higher education schools, conservatives have to campaign in these nests of liberals, who have no tolerance to other ideas and other means and policies to fix America’s problems, let alone the ones Kansas faces.

Attention all Socialist Democrats – you only have to carry these nine counties, and you can rule Kansas. Saves you tons of cash when campaigning.

One thing that I agreed upon is apparent, a friend pointed out Kobach ran a very ineffective campaign – never fighting back the left’s painting him as a clone of Sam Brownback. That was pitiful.

For instance, my friend reminded me Kobach only took Seward County like 60-40 percent, when he should have won 80-20. 

That’s something our tired old boys running the State GOP should consider. How to win more in those 96 counties to overcome these socialists nests in college counties.

We need to change something or leftists will continue to dominate a conservative state. Remember, it’s not until “We The People” demand change – or else. Let Topeka know we want change and use the polling booth to prove it.

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