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September 19th, 2019

earl watt mugL&T Publisher Earl Watt


Fourteen days.

That’s all I had to file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s office before the statute of limitations expired on reversing the 2017 Liberal City Commission action on Mark Hall’s contract.

Fourteen days.

After that, it was too late by law to nullify the action.

On April 18, U.S. Attorney General William Barr made public the Mueller report detailing whether or not President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians or if he obstructed justice.

The president was exonerated on collusion, but Mueller left the question on obstruction up to his bosses, Barr and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to make the conclusion.

They decided there was no obstruction.

While supporters of the president applauded the results, his opponents jumped on any opportunity to discredit the president, and we have heard for the past 55 days that the Democratic Party, who holds a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives, want to pursue impeachment.

Yet, they haven’t started the process or called for a vote to begin impeachment proceedings?


After two years of investigation and now with a report to use at their discretion, they can impeach if all of their caucus wants to do so.

Impeachment, after all, is a political move, not a legal one. Our elected officials, and not a court of law, determine innocence or guilt on articles of impeachment.

We are now 55 days after the report has been issued, and no articles of impeachment have been filed.

Could it be that the Democrats benefit more from the cloud of suspicion rather than an actual verdict from the elected officials?

If we only had 14 days to expose real abuses locally, why does the House have the ability to keep this charade going?

While they keep playing this game, the border crisis continues, drug prices are increasing, the deficit continues to grow, and the House of Representatives is MIA.

It’s simple, either begin the impeachment proceeding immediately, or drop it altogether.

The American people deserve a Congress that is working on something, even if it is the wrong thing. Languishing in avoiding any accountability by doing nothing on either front is unacceptable.

Democrats, do your job. Impeach or not, but the time to decide is now.

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