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August 26th, 2019

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 The high school in Mason City, Ohio, has decided to cancel announcing a valedictorian and salutatorian, citing the student’s mental health concerns and the over-competitive environment.

They are also starting school a half hour later next year believing this will increase attendance.

It seems the road to mediocrity is paved with good intentions and perhaps lazy educators who don’t want to single out those who have pushed themselves to be the top of their class.

One of the first goals of socialism is to eliminate competition, and they do it the same way this high school is trying to do it, by listening to those who are choosing not to work harder.

This school opted to remove the valedictorian title because of meetings and surveys from the students.

Why don’t we let students also set the state standards. Apparently, they are also setting the schedule in Mason City.

We are hearing similar calls about sports and looking to create physical activity events that aren’t necessarily scored so there aren’t winners and losers.

Communism, pure and simple.

Competition is the root of evil for socialism. After all, anyone who tries to outperform someone else is trying to advance themselves, a foreign concept to socialism.

Socialism requires, demands and enforces that no one stands out, except of course for the elitist leadership (Kim Jong-Un and his North Korean military leaders, for example). Everyone else doesn’t matter and should never aspire to be great, unless they be a threat to the leadership.

That, of course, is the goal of eliminating competition. Eliminate threats to leadership by breaking the will to succeed, and the self confidence that comes with accomplishing a tough goal.

Why do you think so many want guns confiscated? They are a threat to leadership.

Our young people, now more than ever, need to be pushed, challenged, and they need to learn how to deal with failure.

We discover our purpose and our greatness through our failures.

The kid out shooting baskets until the sun goes down will fail many times in learning how to succeed.

We learn to dedicate ourselves to a cause in an effort to excel, and that inner drive should not be doused by poor socialist public policies.

To the contrary, this school should be filled with clubs and organizations that allow the students to discover their calling, to strive to be something more, and to be willing to work to rise to the top.

Not everyone reaches the peak of Mount Everest, but we are all driven to climb and discover what we are made of in the journey. You take away the mountain, you remove the need to discover, to stretch, to strive to be something more. 

Only socialists want everyone to remain at the bottom of the mountain so the people never believe they can reach higher, so they never want to challenge leadership.

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