June 24th, 2019

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There are two competing ideologies that will determine whether or not we will have a middle class and a healthy economy, and it is not conservative and liberal.

The two competing ideologies that have taken the world back 500 years are the concepts of nationalism and globalism.

First and foremost, you have to be able to see beyond the concepts of racially charged accusations at these two systems and realize they are actually economic systems and not social systems or some misguided view of helping those in poverty around the globe.

Globalism has been painted as an enlightened view that leads to peace and harmony while helping underdeveloped nations rise to a more equitable station on the world scene.

This idea is encouraged by having American companies invest in foreign nations, building factories and providing jobs, which supports the free market concept and encourages lower priced goods and services.

This concept has been done before, and it is the oldest foreign trade policy on the planet. It’s called colonialism.

Great Britain, France and Spain were three of the largest supporters of globalism during the past 500 years.

They found underdeveloped places around the globe, and they worked to strip them of their natural resources and in many cases used the native population as either literal or virtual slave labor.

How did these European powers benefit? The wealthiest got wealthier. The companies that controlled the trade no longer had to pay European labor. They were able to use low wage workers on foreign soil, and they were able to exploit them for their raw materials. They sold their goods and made hefty profits while their own middle class society declined.

Compare that to what we see today. American factory owners seek to out-source the purchase of foreign goods and to ship jobs to low-wage overseas workers, exploiting foreign markets for their raw materials and near slave labor.

Why should an American firm pay vacation, sick leave and health care benefits to an American worker who is guaranteed to make a “living wage” when they can hire a much cheaper foreign worker?

Why is it the most wealthy Americans support the idea of globalism? Because their profits skyrocket while the middle class suffers, because they lose their jobs while the company exploits the struggling foreign markets.

There is a price.

Eventually, al those nations that get exploited end in one of two ways — either the impoverished nation runs out of resources and are left with worthless lands, or they realize they are being exploited and rebel. In cases of colonization, they either fight for their independence, or in the case of corporate colonialism now known as globalism, the country gets wise and does the only thing they can do — they nationalize their resources and evict the foreigner.

Nationalism is the only response to globalism, and it is a much better economic model.

When countries were being exploited, like the oil fields in Mexico and the Middle East, or the diamond mines of South Africa, those nations nationalized those resources.

The oil and diamond companies had already stripped a fortune from these countries, so they really didn’t lose much.

And look at the rise of OPEC today after most of those nations nationalized the oil fields.

We now have to rely on foreign influences on the price of fuel because of globalism and its outcomes.

But nationalism has a different outcome. When we work to develop our own resources and use our own labor, the middle class flourishes.

When companies are not allowed to exploit foreign labor and resources, they have to rely on highly skilled American workers. By doing so, they also risk competition, because a thriving middle class can secure the resources to compete against the wealthy owners.

With healthy competition, prices remain competitive, wages remain high, buying power remains strong, and the economy remains healthy.

When foreign products are not allowed to be sold at cutthroat prices against quality American goods by using protective tariffs, the trade deficits disappear. With more cash circulating from American to American within the economy, the government sees a rise in collection on every transaction, reducing national debt.

We have seen the pattern of globalism and where it leads by looking at Britain — foreign dependence and socialism.

But when we have a nationalistic approach rather than the exploitation of globalism, not only does our country benefit, but other nations preserve their natural resources for their natural development. This long-view approach allows them to rise to a higher level the same way America did — by protecting their own market.

Right now, the American people are being sold the lie that globalism is humanitarian when nothing could be further from the truth. Exploitation through imperialistic globalism perpetuated by the wealthy elite is never a good thing, and it destroys the middle class everywhere it has taken place.

But nationalism builds the middle class, allows for robust competition in the marketplace, and provides opportunities for those in the lower classes to advance up the ladder.

Nationalism isn’t about building a war machine or about fascism the way it has been portrayed.

But if America was not a nationalistic nation in the 1930s and 1940s, nothing would have been able to stop the fascist Nazis from taking over the post-imperial European nations.

America’s economic strength and ability to fend off these threats came from its nationalistic system. A strong middle class was able to build the tools necessary to secure freedom for the people in Europe, the northern coast of Africa and in Asia while other nations continued to practice globalist strategies.

If you believe in helping the world advance, then you should support nationalism rather than the exploitive policies of globalism, and you should reject the elitist voices pushing it down your throat.

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