May 21st, 2019
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We are entering a period where our teenagers were born after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and growing up without a major conflict or cause, and with a twisted perspective on history, there is a strong movement to create a difference, whatever that difference may be.

Time after time we have heard references to World War II or to Adolph Hitler, but the references are hollow. Still, what is being compared to these show that a new generation wants to have a historical moment and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

While the youngest member of Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City, may be the spokesperson for the Green New Deal, she is not the only one pushing it. She believes that fighting climate change requires “a new national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II.”

What these people miss is that the worldwide mobilization was against the same fascist tyranny they are espousing with heavy-handed government.

Between 70-85 million people were killed in a five-year period of World War II, and about 55 million of those were civilian casualties. Of those, 6 million Jews were killed because of their faith.

Nothing compares to that. Nothing.

Trying to equate today’s petty political differences to World War II shows how desperate these people are to push their agenda, to be a hero of something.

To convince people to follow their world view, Cortez claims that the world “only has 12 years left” to make changes or all is lost.

The only way to make the public feel like their perceived concern is an emergency for everyone is to make it a crisis. They desperately need a crisis to solve, a problem to overcome, a world war to fight.

In the absence of a true enemy, they have created one. They have been pushed by those in academia that climate change is a righteous cause, and when you are a rebel without a cause, any cause is worth fighting.

Sugar has become the evil for others to fight, and since they failed to convince people to voluntarily give up their sweet ways, they turned to oppressive government to make the decision for you.

Of course, this only works in places of heavy-handed government, like New York City, and they seek to export their righteous cause to the rest of us since they know what a true crisis is, having never really faced one in their lifetimes.

Whatever their issue is, it must be your issue, too.

Climate change goes beyond fossil fuels for their cause. Now, it also includes your diet.

Recent reports in National Geographic and the New York Times claim that we have to radically change our food systems and all but eliminate the eating of meat.

It goes beyond the damaging effects of methane gas in cow toots, and again, it goes beyond your freedom of choice.

They are seeking government intervention to make these decisions for you, because their cause is righteous and above whatever your personal preferences may be.

Senator Cory Booker, famous for his “Spartacus moment” during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings (which is another sign of someone who believes they are making a noble sacrifice when in fact they simply are pushing their true cause — themselves) said that America’s “meat-centric diet is unsustainable.”

Again, remember they are looking for a cause, a battle, something World War II-ish for them to become heroes.

They have found it — they have to save us all from ourselves.

And to convince you they are right fighting a just cause, they have to make those who disagree the enemy.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe does it as often as anyone, but any symbol of freedom from these government overlords must be evil, and so Joe Scarborough regularly compares Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.

No, seriously, he compares Trump to Hitler.

Let’s remember who Hitler was. Hitler claimed all Jews were basically soulless animals. They were rounded up for their faith and placed in concentration camps to work hard labor until they starved to death or were herded into gas chambers and killed. We are talking 6 million killed. We are talking 55 million civilians killed, and with military casualties, 70-85 million. 

Hitler crossed in to other nations with military superiority and conquered a vast majority of Europe.

How many people of any faith have been rounded up under Trump? What country has Trump invaded?

None. Absolutely none.

But because Hitler claimed to be a “nationalist,” and Trump believes when it comes to foreign policy that each country should be looking out for its own self interests first, Trump is Hitler, or so they would have you believe.

Now, the true part that is scary about all of this comes down to the absolute certainty that their policies will fail. Estimates of funding the Green New Deal run into the trillions.

There won’t be enough support to push these ideas on a free people. I, for one, won’t be giving up on prime rib, bacon or the Colonel’s secret recipe for chicken any time soon.

With no economically viable alternative, airplanes and other fossil fuel travel options will exist for the forseeable future because there won’t be the political support to change it in a free society.

When free people won’t turn over their dietary choices, medical choices or transportation choices to the government, the true evil for these rebels for a cause becomes freedom itself.

Already we are hearing the true dog whistles of their cause, and it is against the Constitution. Since this generation of people needing a cause didn’t write the Constitution themselves, they don’t believe it should apply to them, and they believe it should be either discarded or simply ignored.

As long as you have the freedom to choose, you won’t choose to suffer or to voluntarily double or triple your taxes. You won’t vote for a perceived crisis that will take away your car, your meat and your children’s economic future.

What protects you from people like this is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

They also need to get rid of the Electoral College, because urban crowds buy into anything and are easy to fool, but those who still value individual rights are not.

Make no mistake, their true cause isn’t climate change or food consumption, it is their right to make those decisions for you. Their new World War II moment is to eliminate freedom.

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