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August 23rd, 2019

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When an Ohio high school announced May 9 it would no longer recognize a valedictorian or salutatorian beginning next school year, there were many news outlets reporting the nationwide outcry.

School officials cited an “unhealthy competitiveness among students” as their reasoning for dropping the tradition that honors hard-working students who attain the best grades while in high school.

But folks, this is not something new.

When one looks into this left-wing progressive movement further, as many as half the states in America had high schools that had also abolished valedictorians and salutatorians, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal in October 2017 – two years ago. It’s possible by now that number has swelled even greater.

The above mentioned Ohio school board cited “unhealthy competitiveness” as their main reason for the move. They also said it was “aimed at improving students’ mental health.”

Baloney and more baloney.

In North Carolina, this year’s graduating class at Wake Forest High School in Raleigh is the last to honor its vals and sals. The reasoning there included the “unhealthy competition” but also pointed out other so-called benefits for the students.

“School officials also said the change would allow students to take more of the courses they want instead of focusing on the advanced courses that would be worth more for their GPA,” reported T. Keung Hui May 3 at

Folks, this outreach to turn high school students into equally ignorant robots is the move of socialists and communists who are not satisfied with simply indoctrinating malleable minds of college students, they want high school kids turned into mush-minded, uneducated minions which will make their job of creating socialists easier when they reach college age.

These propagandists want children to decide what classes they take rather than teach them the skills they will need in life – a life full of competition in every facet of their existence in the real world.

I can just see some 15-year-old boy with raging testosterone hormones running through his body saying, “Let’s see, I want to study pornography rather than physics. Is that okay, Teach?”

Here is another insight into what these insidious “education officials” are striving to do. 

Johnson-Hostler, the Raleigh school board chairwoman, said the decision to eliminate vals and sals was likely harder on parents than on students. She claimed students won’t be forced to thinking about becoming valedictorian unless it’s their parents who are bringing it up. 

How dare those worthless parents, eh?

Think about that. She’s saying school administrators and teachers are going to usurp parents’ authority to teach their own children the importance of studying hard and accumulating knowledge that will help their children survive and prosper in a “competitive world.”

She’s saying, “Don’t listen to your parents who are pushing you to be the smartest person in your school and learn all you can learn.”

Rush Limbaugh said in 2016, when Wake Forest first announced this elimination of academic honors, that school officials were dumbing down students.

“The left is all about lowering everybody so that everybody is equal and the same,” Limbaugh said. “So you punish achievement, raise their taxes, you eliminate their awards, you stop recognizing them, you eliminate classes where they can excel, and you just dumb everybody down.”

Here are direct unedited tenents of how the communist social order must follow to flourish, according to

“Above all, it will have to take the control of industry and of all branches of production out of the hands of mutually competing individuals, and instead institute a system in which all these branches of production are operated by society as a whole – that is, for the common account, according to a common plan, and with the participation of all members of society.

“It will, in other words, abolish competition and replace it with association.”

That, folks, is straight out of the Marxist communist playbook, word for word. I dare you to go to that website and tell me it is not today’s Socialist Democratic Party’s dogma.

Replacing competition with association is exactly what these propagandists who pretend to be educators are doing.

You see, if they can indoctrinate a majority of high schoolers and college students into this mass association, they will have eliminated competition. When that is completed, they can then become our slave masters.

These fraudulent elitists want to control everything you do and how you live. They know more than you deplorables. And their plans to subjugate our kids must be stopped – and now. 

We have to rise up and vote these leftists off our school boards and return true educators to our classrooms.

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