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August 26th, 2019

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Earlier this week, I switched over to catch some leftist propaganda on MSNBC, and I am never disappointed. Mika and Joe started a block where three panelists dealing with the stock market and the economy displayed numerous “good signs” and commentary on the booming economy.

I was stunned, and then they showed a clip of Warren Buffett speaking at a recent stockholders meeting.

“I’m a proud, card-carrying capitalist,” Buffet said, mentioning all the benefits of capitalism in America’s Democracy and history. He also said, “America will never have a socialist government, not in 2020 or 2040 or 2060.”

Again, I was amazed MSNBC was reporting this. They rarely ever even mention good news about our country. But then they brought up a Monmouth poll that showed mixed messages on socialism vs capitalism.

A majority of Americans believe capitalism in the best form of government. But there are many people who like socialist policies. Once Joe brought up the question if this current economic growth was sustainable, I knew what was next.

Trump Derangement Syndrome broke out among all of them.

One of the panelists claimed “about half the experts on Wall Street are predicting 2 to 2.1 percent average GDP growth for 2019.” He believed the last quarter’s 3.2 percent GDP was an anomaly, “and we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Then an official Yahoo News communist said the big problem is that all those running for office, whether presidential or state and city, is “the salary inequality across the nation.”

Say what?

They went on – all agreeing like kids watching a bouncing ball – that pay inequality is a nationwide problem – pockets of people everywhere “working with the same pay as they have for 10 to 15 years.”

The Yahoo analyst actually brought up this “pay inequality” is why socialism is popular. He said, “Look at this wealth inequality around the world; it is why socialism appeals to all these people, and they choose socialism over capitalism.”

This folks is TDS in its purest form. Make up a big fat lie – that all across the nation millions of people are stuck at the bottom of the pay scale, and their only recourse is to rise up and take over the country through socialism.

This is right out of the communist playbook – class warfare, even if you have to lie about it and make up phoney stats and outright misinformation. Tell the lie long enough to make it true.

They never bring up the fact the so-called middle and lower classes have received the most benefits from a rising economy. Leftists deny a rising boat lifts everyone in the boat. That’s anathema to their communist agenda. They must  propagate and disseminate class warfare at any cost.

This is the socialist-Democrats’ only hope for 2020 – misinformation. Crazy Bernie tells every crowd that only the rich are included in this raging economy, and the “people” are being oppressed. Spartacus says this economic growth is because Obama’s policies got it going.

Lies and more lies. And they don’t blink while telling people things they know are not true. It doesn’t bother them one iota.

The problem is, there are about 25 percent of the leftist sycophants that also have TDS, and they will believe anything at any time. Totally brainwashed.

This TDS disease is worse than cancer. Many cancers today can be defeated if caught in time, but there is no cure for TDS: People infected with TDS will carry the disease to their graves, hating all the way; turning against their country; praying for disasters that will harm or even kill their fellow Americans if it will only bring down President Trump.

It wouldn’t surprise me if many of those running for the socialist-Democrat nomination for president get excited watching what socialism is doing to the Venezuelans. 

I can see them grinning and saying to themselves, that’s what we need to do to the conservatives here in America; run them down with armored personnel carriers, shoot them in the streets; starve them to death; let them die of disease because no medicines are available; make them fear the night with no electricity; make them walk because there is no gasoline, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Shame on those who glorify socialism while their socialist idols are killing innocent, unarmed men, women and children hourly and day by day. Is that what they really desire and want for America?

I can’t imagine what anti-Trumpers will do when he easily wins another term. Those four additional years will torment those with TDS into pure evil. Just wait and see.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans will help keep this Trump mantra to “Make America Great Again.” And we will see and live in a historical period of prosperity through our country’s capitalist tradition.

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