December 14th, 2018
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gary damronMY PERSPECTIVE, Gary Damron


‘The spirit of Christmas is in the air. The context is Bethlehem, announcing angels, stirred up shepherds, the Magi studying and traveling, Joseph dreaming. It wasn’t all glorious: a young family fled to Egypt, then returned to Nazareth where their son spent thirty years in a carpenter shop

Though some refute anything they can’t touch, historical evidence is clear that a baby born in a faraway village revolutionized the world. My great-great-grandfather lived and raised a family, even if I haven’t yet discovered the records. The numbers of people who follow Jesus are astounding; there is never a time that thousands are not reading about or praying to the Child born that night. 

The question is not how, when or where the Savior came, but why? In order to find that, we’ll first look at what he said regarding misconceptions about his coming. 

Jesus’ teachings do transform culture, but his objective was not to start a revolution or promote anti-establishment doctrine. The wellbeing of too many lives is at stake for each of us to think and believe whatever we want. An example might be an airport: workers in other jobs clock out and leave as soon as the next shift begins. But air traffic controllers have an hour overlap, with both spending serious time making sure everyone is safe. 

The Pharisees had a test of orthodoxy – whether a teacher believed in the Jewish Law and the Prophets. Jesus identified himself with the teachings of the Old Testament which serve as the foundation for Christian faith. He revealed his presence throughout ancient scriptures, saying, “‘Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill’” (Matthew 5:17). 

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