April 21st, 2019

earl watt lfEARL WATTSince switching to the very bizarre First Week and Championship Week format at the NBC World Series from the very bizarre six-team final the tournament used to have, the performance of the play-in teams over the years has proven this format is not indicative of a true tournament outcome, which is to find the best teams that all have a chance to win the national title.

The Colorado Cyclones and San Antonio Angels both sit at 2-0 in Championship Week after advancing from the First Week of the tournament.

They aren’t alone.

The tournament’s history has shown that the First Week winners have had considerable success in Championship Week, an indication that they are just as good if not better than many of the teams in Championship Week, but they have the added disadvantage of burning up pitching to advance through the farce of the First Week.

Compare it to a play-in game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, where two 16 seeds battle for a chance to play No. 1, and lose miserably.

These two teams are not the 15th and 16th teams, nor are many of the teams in the First Week bracket.

Forcing them to beat each other out early so only two advance makes no sense.

The appeal was to guarantee teams three games, but really, what’s the difference in playing another game when you are 0-2?

The current format requires 53 games and 16 days.

A better option would be the same 30 teams in a 32-team bracket with last-year’s finalists getting first-round byes.

That keeps the schedule at 54 games, but you can get them done in 14 days and give everyone a fair chance, and here’s how:

Play double elimination until you reach the final four of the winner’s bracket and final four of the loser’s bracket.

Once you reach that point, which takes 11 days, you seed the Elite 8 in a single elimination tournament, which takes three days to reach a national champion.

This way, everyone had a fair shot to reach the Elite 8 rather than half the teams knocking each other out to reach Championship Week which isn’t necessarily the best 14 teams plus two lesser teams, they are simply 14 other teams that shouldn’t be given such a huge advantage since the play-in teams have done just as well if not better than some of these in this unfriendly format.

You will maintain fan interest earlier, and you will see who truly rises to the top.

Take a look at the sample bracket below, and you can see how this format would be fan friendly.

With a new stadium on the horizon, a new and improved bracket should also be part of the plant to improve the tournament, allowing the best of 30 teams to prove their way to the championship rather than giving 14 teams a shortcut when history has shown they are no better than the 16 that played in the First Week.

Let’s do the right thing for those of us who love the NBC World Series.

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