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August 26th, 2019

joe and sergioFIRST PLACE — JOE  DINH  AND  SERGIO  BORJASL&T staff report

Joe Dinh and Sergio Borjas won the second week title of the Monday Night Tennis Tournament at the Ol’ Hank Rowley Tennis Complex in Blue Bonnet Park. 

Dinh and Borjas advanced to the championship round and defeated Victor Murillo and Kaylan Olivas 6-3.

There were seven players in attendance. The sponsor was the SCCC tennis teams who donated tennis shirts and tennis balls for first and second place.

According to event organizers, Monday Night Tennis is a friendly doubles tournament taking place every Monday night in June, July and August. It starts at 6:30 p.m., and everyone is welcome to come and go as they please. It costs $3 to play for the whole night. There are typically play four rounds. The players draw at random (each round) to see who their partner is and who their opponents will be. At the end of the night, the four players with the best scores draw again to play one final set to determine first and second place.

All tennis enthusiasts are invited to participate each Monday through the summer.

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