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December 06th, 2019

xpress wellness buildingDespite recent rains, work continues on the new Xpress Wellness Urgent Care location on 15th Street in Liberal. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Work continues on a new medical office in north Liberal, and officials with Xpress Wellness Urgent Care are expecting to have one of their newest locations open by early September at the latest.

Xpress Wellness CEO Grant Asay said the office, which will be located between the Southwest Guidance Center and VA clinic on 15th Street, is a little less than 4,000 square feet with several features.

“There are seven private exam rooms, a triage room, a procedure room,” he said. “We have computerized radiology services, basically X-ray. We’ve got lab diagnostic testing, EKG on site.”

As with the rest of the company’s locations, Asay said the Liberal Xpress Wellness office should have quite a significant impact for local patients.

“We see anywhere between 35 to 145 patients every single day in a lot of our locations,” he said. “In these rural areas, there’s sometimes not a lot of choice, and we hope to make that available to all the residents in our locations where we’re choosing to go.”

Xpress Wellness currently has 10 locations, with eight more expected to be completed before the end of 2019 and 12 more in the works for 2020.

Asay said Liberal is the exact size community the company is looking to serve, and some patients even choose to make Xpress Wellness their primary care facility.

“You can make appointments using an app,” he said. “You can determine when you want to go in, that date, just by opening up your app on your phone, and you can choose your time. You can just stay at home until that time arrives, or you can come in for a drop in.”

Though he was not sure if Xpress Wellness’ prices were comparable to other local medical offices, Asay did say patients can be treated for many conditions at an affordable price.

“I can tell you we’ll treat common illnesses like the flu,” he said. “We can take care of minor injuries like sprains and strains, lacerations. We take care of allergies and infections. We can take care of your vaccinations. We also do sports physicals and work physicals. Some employers want us to do drug screens for them. We do a lot of occupational medicine, work-related injuries, workers’ comp. We’ll take care of minor fractures, bite and puncture wounds, and our charge is right around $135, $140. That includes everything, unless there’s significant interventions we need to do. That would include the X-ray and the laboratory in most all those cases.”

Asay said Xpress Wellness takes most insurances, which is a great help for those needing assistance in paying their bills.

“We are in network with almost all the insurance companies out there,” he said. “It all depends on your insurance company. There’ll be a co-pay or co-insurance of some sort with the insurance company, but we are in network with all major insurance companies.”

Asay said Xpress Wellness can work on payment plans as well for patients.

“We’ll work with the patients, but for $135, that would fall in most patients’ budgets,” he said. “We also take Medicare and Medicaid as government payers.”

So why choose Xpress Wellness? Asay said the company simply provides a good choice for patients.

“We can provide fairly immediate care compared to what’s likely available in the community,” he said. “I know our charge structure’s going to be very, very attractive and competitive, and if patients wanted to use us for their primary care and be seen the same day, we’re there. We’re going to have quite a commitment to the community. You’ll see us supporting a lot of local causes for sure.”

That commitment includes, Asay said, educating people on health issues.

“You’ll see us at the schools doing classes on handwashing and trying to take care of yourself during the flu season and the cold season,” he said. 

All of this, Asay said, is what makes Xpress Wellness a good choice for health care.

“I’m sure there’s good providers in town,” he said. “This just is another option for patients to choose. We do focus on a quick in and out and being very convenient. You can open up your phone and use an app to make an appointment. You don’t even need to call the clinic.”

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