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November 20th, 2019

turpin cheerThe Turpin High School cheerleading squad poses for a photo with the honors received after this year’s State Game Day Cheer Competition in Moore, Okla. earlier this month. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Athletic programs in the area have been getting a lot of attention and recently, another area team has added another honor to the trophy case. 

The Turpin High School cheerleading squad traveled to Moore, Okla., earlier this month to compete in State Game Day Cheerleading competition and came away as the 2019 Class 2A State Champion Game Day Cheer Squad, taking the title for the third year in a row. The squad includes 10 cheerleaders, the school mascot, manager Chyanne Roberts and coach Jamie Peters.

“We were all really excited. After you're finished with the preliminaries you have to wait a little bit before you hear how you did with everything, so we didn't get to see a lot of the competition and compare/contrast to everyone else who was there, but we know we went out and did our best,” Peters said. “When they announced we were leading two out of the three categories we were all really happy and there was definitely a lot of excitement among all of us. It made me feel really proud of the girls. Everything I've asked them to do, they've gone above and beyond and they always do really well and exceed my expectations. I've got 10 girls on the squad this year plus our awesome mascot and our manager, and they’re all amazing.”

The team ended the preliminary round in first place in the fight song and crowd leading categories, coming away with 568 points, and ended the finals with another 333 points before coming away the competition’s champions. This is the third year the squad has competed in the competition, and each year has seen them do very well. 

“We've definitely come a long way with our program. The great thing about competing in this type of format for this competition is this is what we do, this is what you see us doing every Friday night at football games and at all the basketball games, people see us everywhere,” Peters said. “It also gives all the schools a great chance to showcase what they're able to do and it's an honor to be able to go and compete and represent our community. It was only a few years ago when not very many people knew where Turpin was, but a lot more people are knowing where we are now because we're representing the school at this competition.”

Peters added the high levels the squad has achieved at the competition has set a new standard for the program. 

“My girls have been doing this competition for a few years now and know what to expect, so they're able to really perfect everything,” Peters said. “And my girls also aren't just involved in cheerleading, they're everywhere – I know they also compete in basketball and volleyball and other sports around the school, so doing all of those things helps give them that extra confidence in everything they do. And they've learned if they work really hard, that work will pay off and yield some great results.”

Those high expectations, Peters added, will help boost the program even more with future squads. 

“Every year is a new year, every year yields something different. Really, my expectation is we're going to do the best we can while knowing we worked really hard with everything we do. The girls know we have those high expectations and they work really hard toward it,” Peters said. “With every year being different, that brings so many different levels of skill and it's always exciting to see who we get on the squad and what they can do as a team. This year we are a little smaller than we have been in the past, but they've all stepped up and we have girls with great skills every year. We also know we'll all have each other's backs and our main thing for this year is to empower each other, and they've really stepped up on that front and they support each other everywhere. And cheerleading is something that really helps people grow and get out of their comfort zone. It also provides a lot of scholarship opportunities for college, and I wholeheartedly believe cheerleading helps prepare athletes in other endeavors in life, especially being in front of people. My ultimate goal is to help my squad not only be great cheerleaders and athletes, but also to pass one some of those life skills they'll take with them everywhere like self-confidence and leadership and being comfortable in front of people. I'd also like to thank the community, they're out there every game just like we are and they see us doing what we do. Our community always brings a great crowd and we appreciate their support of our cheer program so much.”

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