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October 17th, 2019

sunflower haircut nightLocal hair stylist Tabitha Terhune gives a cut to this Sunflower youngster Tuesday evening at the school’s “Hot Dogs and Haircuts” back to school event. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


It’s mid-August, and in many parts of the country, children will soon be going back to school.

For parents, this means buying new clothes and school supplies, among other things, and for some, it likewise means a new look for young people.

With the cost of all this in mind, Tuesday night, Liberal’s Sunflower Elementary gave kids a chance to get a new look, at no cost, for their hair.

Sunflower Elementary School Assistant Principal Teresa Childress said with the redesign process in progress at USD 480, she and Sunflower Elementary Principal Jon Schneider know parents have a lot of responsibility at the beginning of a school year, including supplies and haircuts.

“We thought it would be a neat idea to start doing ‘Hot Dogs and Haircuts,’” Childress said. “We feed the family and give them the opportunity to get a free haircut in the process and it turned out great for everyone who ended up coming out.”

Schneider said Tuesday’s event was just the beginning of what will take place at the start of school this year at Sunflower, and he is really looking forward to seeing activity back at his school.

“On Aug. 21, we’ve got our parent-teacher conferences, and the students’ first day of school is Aug. 22,” he said. “The building, it’s big, and it’s quiet without students in here. It’s a lot more fun with students in it.”

Schneider added the redesign process is going well at Sunflower.

“We’ve got a lot of new initiatives we’re going to implement this year,” he said. “We’re going to do some iStation and working on the students’ reading and really focusing in on what they need and what each individual student needs in order to help them grow. We’re also going to be starting Leader in Me, which is going to be helping our kids learn how to become leaders and be able to lead their own academics and their own life and really take on a bigger leadership role. We’re really looking forward to that and hoping we can give back to the students and let them take more ownership  of the school than what’s been available to them in the past.”

Sunflower Elementary, now a K-5 building, was formerly for students fourth through sixth grades. This is year three of the transition from what was Sunflower Intermediate School, and Schneider said thus far, that transition has been interesting.

“We’ve taken staff from all the nine buildings – the two intermediate schools and the seven K-3 buildings – and brought them all in together,” he said. “This is the third year for everything with that. We’ve all learned a lot, and it’s getting exciting with having all ages in this building.”

Tuesday’s event brought in hairstylists and barbers from all over town to Sunflower’s gym, and Childress said she and Schneider were excited to see all of them volunteer time to give trims.

“Once we decided we would do a haircut night, people from our building started saying, ‘Oh, I know this person. We can ask them,’” she said. “We’re just very thankful all of our sponsors were willing to donate their time. It means a lot to the community we’re building here.”

Childress said the idea for “Hot Dogs and Haircuts” came from some of the members of Sunflower’s faculty themselves.

“That was one of the things for our morning activities that some of our teachers wanted to start, the kids learning how to do their own hair and safety, cleanliness with doing your hair in the morning,” she said. “It went from that to, ‘Maybe we should try a haircut night. Maybe that would be great for our community to bring in hairdressers from our community and the kids can learn the people here and get familiar with them as well.’ We’re very happy with how everything turned out.”

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