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October 17th, 2019

stepping stone donation from equity bankStepping Stone Shelter Director Bambi Jones, center, accepts a check for $1,625 Thursday morning from Equity Bank’s Scarlette Diseker and Jana Jantzen. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


For every new account opened, Liberal’s Equity Bank branch donates $25 for local charities. A few times a year, bank officials take the money collected and donate it to a charity chosen by employees.

Thursday, Stepping Stone Shelter was the recipient of one of those donations, which totaled $1,625.

Stepping Stone Director Bambi Jones learned of the donation back in June, but Equity’s Jana Jantzen and Scarlette Diseker arrived with the check Thursday morning.

Jones said naturally, the money came as a surprise, and there are no plans as of yet as to what the shelter will do with the money.

Jones was also shocked when she heard about Equity’s campaign, particularly about finding out the bank’s employees had chosen Stepping Stone for this donation.

“We had no idea,” she said. “We found out about it after it was done, but we are so grateful they did it. Of course, we appreciate things like that even better when it’s a surprise.”

Jones said the donation was a big surprise especially for her because she was not expecting it at all.

“I’ve been kind of busy with the new building and things, so I didn’t even realize,” she said. “When she called me, I was truly grateful.”

Stepping Stone regularly receives donations of clothing and food, as well as monetary gifts such as Thursday’s, and Jones said no matter the gift, they are all very much appreciated at the shelter.

“To put it lightly, the shelter would not be able to run the way it does with the potential that it does without these donations,” she said. “The thrift store wouldn’t be an option without the clothing donations. Without the food donations, we wouldn’t be able to feed our residents or do our soup kitchen, and any cash donations are what helps run the shelter in operations. To be real fair, I would say it would be very, very difficult for the shelter to run without this kind of stuff. It’s very important to us.”

Stepping Stone likewise receives grants such as its annual Emergency Shelter Grant and money from Seward County United Way as one of that organization’s several agencies. Despite all this, Jones said money such as that from Thursday’s Equity donation does not go unnoticed.

“Of course, any non-profit is on a very tight budget most of the time, and you definitely have to put your money where it’s utilized the best,” she said. “For us to get these little surprise donations and things like that, it kind of is the same as the food donations and the clothing donations. The shelter, it needs it, and I love the fact it shows we have quite a bit of community support in that aspect when people just randomly think about the shelter. That always is great for me to hear the shelter is on their hearts, and they want to help with that in any way they can.”

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