June 17th, 2019

connie and taylor reelectedLiberal Vice Mayor Taylor Harden, left, and Liberal Mayor Connie Seigrist, were re-elected to their respective posts at the Liberal City Commission’s most recent meeting Tuesday evening. Both expressed gratitude for being able to continue in their posts. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The Liberal City Commission faced a tempest this time last year with several controversies going on at once and the citizens of Liberal had voted on new leadership to guide the city through those trying times. 

Tuesday night, the Liberal City Commission voted to keep that leadership going and unanimously voted to re-elect Taylor Harden as vice mayor and Connie Seigrist as mayor. 

“I feel like we were very green at all this last year and I feel much more comfortable about all this after being here for a year,” Seigrist said. “I definitely feel like I understand the process more and more of what’s expected of me.”

“I would definitely concur with that and say it’s a pleasure and an honor to be in this position again,” Harden added. “I had a blast serving with Connie and everyone this past year and I’m sure I’ll have a blast working with her again and continuing that momentum.”

2018 also saw the beginning of many projects throughout the community, which Seigrist and Harden said they are extremely proud of. 

“I’m looking forward to some things getting finished, with those including the soccer field, our flood control project and getting things started with the wastewater treatment plant,” Seigrist said. “The treatment plant especially is a huge project and just Tuesday Cal mentioned a new project with South Middle School, so we have a lot of fun things we’re going to accomplish.”

“We have a lot going on around here,” Harden said. “There’s so much hard work going on with all the projects under way and I’m really looking forward to seeing those get finished either this year or next year. We also have the 2nd Street water line projet going on and we can’t wait to have that all completed.”

Overall, both Harden and Seigrist agreed, their first year on the Liberal City Commission has been a great learning experience. 

“I would say the main thing I’ve enjoyed this past year is Connie and everyone else have been very easy to work with and very approachable for conversations,” Harden said. “It’s really nice when you’re serving in a capacity like this to be able to communicate with everyone so well and I’m looking forward to seeing that continue. And being a first-year commissioner, there’s so much to take in and absorb like how to read the vouchers and the proper crafting of an ordinance. We all hit the ground running with everything and I’m pretty confident we can keep that going with this year and provide a lot more help to city staff as far as the creation of ordinances and things of that nature. There’s a lot of positive momentum we’ll be carrying over from 2018 into 2019.”

“I would agree, we all get along really well and while we all have different viewpoints about certain things, no one’s fearful of compromise or change,” Seigrist said. “We’re able to talk things out and no one wants to slug anyone else and no one walks away angry. We all work together really well despite us all coming from different backgrounds and being involved in different parts of the community. Something I really learned how to manage last year was attending lots and lots of meetings and events throughout Liberal and how to keep my schedule somewhat open in case there’s an unexpected meeting that comes up.”

2018 began rather rocky for the commission, but with those controversies dealt with and now in the past, both Seigrist and Harden said they feel 2019 will be much smoother. 

“It was definitely unfortunate things had to transpire the way they did this time last year,” Harden said. “There were a lot of issues that had to be taken care of but we were able to address many of those right off the bat and everyone has seen the positive ramifications of everything that’s happened since then, and that’s rippled throughout the city. I definitely don’t see anything that turbulent on the schedule for 2019.”

Overall, Seigrist and Harden agreed, they are honored to be serving in their respective positions. 

“I’m excited about the possibility of us finally having a recreation center,” Seigrist said. “I’ve worked many years on that project and I really hope now is when that finally comes to fruition.”

“I look forward to continuing to serve the community,” Harden added. “There are a lot of big projects going on for everyone to be able to see get completed. It’s great to be part of watching your community grow and move into the future.

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