May 21st, 2019

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Many patrons visiting Liberal Memorial Library have seen Sarah Moyer working and while she is not a new face to the library’s staff, she was recently named to a new position in the library. 

Moyer was recently promoted to being the full-time teen librarian after being part of the staff for a couple years and as she tells it, it has been a fun albeit slightly odd journey. 

“I'd worked at the library in Hays as well and when I moved here with my fiancé I wasn't sure if I would get a job or not and it was rather serendipity that I found this job and I'm extremely excited about this job and the potential Royce has seen in me and my experience,” Moyer said. “When I have an idea, we talk it out and see if/how it can be managed and then lets me go for it. When I was first hired here I was part-time and worked as the supervisor for the evenings and weekends. At first I wasn't really sure about doing programs since I didn't know the community that well at that point and in Hays there were some programs I'd tried out that ultimately weren't exactly successful and when that happens you can't tell if it was the program itself or the idea or what. So when I came here I didn't want to try a program and then have it fail right off the bat, I wanted to have a better understanding of the community itself. One of my first things after I started here was the movies during the summer reading program and the theme for summer reading had to do with music, so I thought it would be fun to show musicals because they're fun and who doesn't love musicals? So we did a handful of those during summer reading. Overall it's been about getting my feet more wet and learning more about the community.”

And originally, Moyer admitted, working in a library setting was not always in her plans. 

“I'd actually worked at a call center for a few years and that really helped my work ethic and customer service skills, which was great, but the work itself was rather tough to deal with sometimes because it was a call center, which already has some inherent challenges,” Moyer said. “Then eventually we all got the news the call center was being shut down, so I was already laid off at 24, which was really strange and it was a hard time for me trying to figure everything out. So when I was job hunting, my thoughts went more along the lines of 'Where do I enjoy spending my time that makes me happy?' and the library was one of those places that came to mind.”

So Moyer applied to the library in Hays, her hometown, and ultimately found her calling. 

“I originally wanted to work in the young adult section of the Hays library and I applied there twice, with the first time getting no calls back and the second time I got a call back but didn't get the job,” Moyer recalled. “Then the third time I interviewed with a panel of the heads of that library and ultimately ended up with the job, which I had for a couple years at the adult circulation desk. I had been there for only six months before realizing working in a library setting was perfect and that was what I wanted to do. I talked to my supervisor and director about opportunities in education and what that would look like and what I would need to do in the library sciences field, which is a master's program, so I went back to college and I'm going to be graduating in the fall and also speaking with Royce about master's programs. It's been a long road, but I'm making it.”

Overall, Moyer said, interacting with the community is one of her favorite things about her job.

“My favorite thing is the diversity because no two people I interact with are the same, everyone has their own tastes and viewpoints, which at first was a bit of a shock because Hays wasn't really that diverse and a lot of times when I went to the libraries in Hays the main patronage was college students and parents with children and retired people,” Moyer said. “Here there are a lot more diverse groups of people and I've helped them make copies and send faxes for immigration paperwork and things like that since there are a lot of people who moved here to make a better life for themselves. So I've interacted with those people a lot and helped a lot of people find resources in the library, which is a great feeling.”

Moyer added there are also a few projects she is looking forward to in the future. 

“I'm working on doing some outreach to meet teen patrons because the only way I've met them is if they come into the library, and even then those haven't really been long conversations,” Moyer said. “So I've been putting out a few feelers to make those types of connections and Royce gave me some information and made some suggestions about where to do some outreach stuff, so I'd love to do more of that and connect with more teens about what the library can do for them and make it a better space for them. Right now I'm also working on improving our collection and we'll be working on programs and those things. I really want to help fill the needs of this community. I'm still adjusting to what I'm doing and hopefully that will all go smoothly because I have so many ideas and it's hard to pick just one out of everything. And right now with the survey it's great to be getting that type of feedback so we can make the library awesome for everyone.”

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