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October 17th, 2019

pumpkin paradise opening 2019Pumpkin Paradise LLC Owner Janet Weidner gives a brief talk to a group of schoolchildren before they scatter into the fields to select their jack-o-lantern for Halloween. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The spooky season is upon the area and with Halloween coming up in only a few weeks, it is time to pick out that perfect pumpkin to finish off those decorations. 

Pumpkin Paradise, LLC in Sublette is fully prepared to supply those pumpkins to people. The patch opened Sept. 28 and people are already starting to flock to the jack-o-lanterns, according to owner Janet Weidner. 

“We're really excited about having so many beautiful pumpkins out on the farm and they're all ready to be picked, they all grew really big this year,” Weidner said. “We have a nice big space for them all and they grew really well this year. There's nothing especially new as far as the playground and maze and all of that, but we love seeing everyone run in and out of those areas and our newer playhouses, we love seeing families do that. We have families who tell us there's not a lot of family things they do without a screen and it's great how they come out here into nature and have real fun just being together. It's overall just really fun. We see a lot of different families from the area and it's great seeing them playing in our maze or in our other entertainment areas around here.”

The pumpkin patch will be open from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays for families and individuals, and also takes appointments for school trips for the other days of the week. 

Overall, Weidner said, Pumpkin Paradise, LLC is a great spot to pick your pumpkin. 

“Just come out and enjoy Mother Nature and see our 12 acres of pumpkins, which we have more than 200 varieties of. You can walk through with your wheelbarrow and pick your own – for me, the highlight is seeing kids and also their parents find that perfect pumpkin. We also have our corn maze, which is a little different this year and we themed that on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, so that will be really fun for everyone to go through,” Weidner said. “We have so many varieties to pick from and in so many colors, including our Red Giant squashes, our jack-o-lanterns, full moon pumpkins, our sugar pumpkins (which people use mainly for pies and those things) and our Queensland Blue. We also have a new pumpkin, Mellow Yellow, and then our Cinderella pumpkins will also be really popular. We'll also have Black Cat pumpkins, which look really cool and should also be popular. Overall, we have a ton of varieties, so everyone should go home happy with their selections.”

Weidner also talked about her excitement about all the different schools that will be visiting on field trips throughout the month. 

“We love seeing all the different schools come out here and meeting all the different children and their teachers, and it's great to see them get so excited finding that perfect pumpkin and seeing them run through our play areas with each other,” Weidner said. “This field trip is also a great way to show them how plants grow and teach them how that process works. Overall, it's just great seeing everyone out there. And the weather's typically nice for these trips, which makes it even more enjoyable, and the teachers say they enjoy it because they can relax a little. Just come and see us, it's the place to be and the best place to get your Halloween pumpkins. And we've really been appreciating the great weather, I know last year there were a few rainy days, so we've been enjoying that so car and we hope that all keeps up.”

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