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August 23rd, 2019

power of the purseL&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The community room in the basement of Equity Bank was filled nearly to capacity Tuesday afternoon for the United Way’s Power of the Purse event. 

The event featured lunch for those in attendance and featured speakers Julie Huber, Beth James, and Jody Harris as they shared personal stories and how they turned their respective situations into triumphs. This was the first year for the event and United Way Executive Director McKensie Hood said she was happy with how the event turned out. 

“I think it went perfectly,” Hood said. “We had a great turnout – we had around 103 people who showed up and we had around 118 who had registered. So I think it went great and I hope we can grow it.”

Hood added she is already thinking about some things for next year. 

“I’m hoping we can do this exact same event next year,” Hood said. “My favorite part was the speakers, they were all amazing and had very different stories and I think they all had an impact on everyone here on some level. Similar to what Jody said during her talk, I hope people walk out of here today feeling empowered and focusing on the positives in life and being fearless going forward. So hopefully because of what these ladies said, someone who was here today will go out and do something amazing in the community.”

With this being the event’s inaugural year and already seeing a large turnout, Hood said she is happy with the event’s success. 

“It’s something our community needed and I think the response shows that,” Hood said. “So I think this will just continue to grow and seeing people supporting people is a positive thing and that can only ever be positive. And with this being the first year for this, I honestly don’t think it could’ve gone better. It ended up being such an awesome event – we had great sponsors, we had a lot of amazing women in the room and an amazing turnout. I’ll probably start thinking about next year next week. Everything went amazing for this and I’m just so excited.”

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