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November 20th, 2019

scam alert logoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


A new scam involving Social Security numbers has been detected, and Liberal resident Starley Craig was made aware of its presence recently.

Craig said she was contacted by phone by someone claiming they were from the Social Security Administration and that her Social Security number had been used in criminal activities in foreign countries.

“They wanted to give me a new one,” she said.

Being aware the call was a scam, Craig played along with the caller to see what would happen and asked how she could get a new Social Security number.

“She said, ‘Oh it’s so easy,’” she said. “‘You just give us your name,’ which you think they would already know, ‘and your old Social Security number and your date of birth. We will send you out a new card, and you will have it tomorrow.’”

Craig said she waited for a few seconds before asking the caller if they were aware the Social Security Agency never calls people on the phone. She also advised what to do if such a person calls them.

“People need to know if somebody calls from Social Security and says, ‘We need your name, your birthday and your old Social Security number,’ tell them, ‘I have your number on my dial, and I’m turning you in,’” she said. “The number is no good, I’m sure, but people fall for that stuff. It’s a terrible thing.”

Craig emphasized if a person gets one of these calls to be sure to write down the number given to them.

“They give you the number two or three times to call them back,” she said. “Call them back. I called them back, and I got the girl back. The number was working at that time. You do end up with a number you can turn in.”

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