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October 17th, 2019

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Throughout the course of history, at least modern history, Saturday nights have been a time to relax away from the hustle and hurry of the weekday workplace.

This coming Saturday night, Liberal’s Baker Arts Center is giving people in the area a chance to do just that and hear some great music at the same time – all for free.

In conjunction with the High Plains Public Radio Music Ambassador Tour, Baker Arts is bringing the San Francisco music duo, “The Singer & the Songwriter,” to town.

Baker Director Toni Smith said much of what the duo does is called a couch tour.

“They like to just sit around like you would at a coffee shop,” she said.

The Singer & the Songwriter is made up of vocalist Rachel Garcia, the singer, and guitarist Thu Tran, the songwriter, and Smith said she believes Garcia is an excellent singer and accompanies Tran’s songwriting talents quite well.

“They’re just quite a really nice duo,” she said.

Saturday’s event begins at 7 p.m. at Baker Arts at 624 N. Pershing in Liberal.

“We’ll have some tea and coffee and a few munchies around for people to have, but the most important thing is they are going to be talking to people, letting them know how they got into this and also about songwriting, what it takes,” Smith said. “They’re very entertaining. They’re very down to earth, so there’s no feeling like you can’t ask questions, and it’s free.”

Smith said she found the duo’s music soothing and relaxing and something drivers might like to have on in their car.

“It’s very relaxing music,” she said. “It’s a little bit of folk, a little bit of jazz. It has a little bit of blues in it sometimes, but different songs they’ve played and I’ve listened to, some of them, some of them are very just folk. Some of them are mostly jazz. They really mix it up.”

Smith emphasized all of Saturday night’s fun is free to the public, but donations are welcome.

“These kids are traveling,” she said. “They make part of their living by this, but when it’s a free concert, they would take donations.”

Smith said she was contacted by the duo because of prior High Plains Public Radio tours at Baker Arts. 

“I think they got our name as an art center that has worked with the High Plains Public Radio tours,” she said. “They contacted me by e-mail and wanted to know if we would be interested in hosting for them, and I was very happy to do so.”

Smith said she is excited for what will take place next Saturday at Baker Arts.

“I think it’s going to be very laid back easy, where you feel like you could really listen to things, have a good cup of coffee, talk to people about how to make music, how to write lyrics, what are those steps,” she said. “I’m excited for the public to get an opportunity to see this. I hope that a lot of the college students come as far as the music department, the band department, the theater group. Even though it may just be music, it entails a lot of arts when it comes to writing and singing and playing. I hope a lot of the high school families come who are interested in these kind of things too. I’m very excited about it because it’s something very different and just a relaxed evening. It’s not a dress up affair, and it is a free event for people to come.”

Smith said the timing of the concert fits perfectly into a weekend schedule.

“On a Saturday evening at 7 o’clock, you’ve hopefully already had supper,” she said. “Come over here and listen to some of it for a while, and then go on to supper. Go to a late movie if you want to, but you may not want to after you sit here and have a great evening with a couple that has come all the way from San Francisco to share their talents in Liberal, Kansas.”

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