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December 09th, 2019

ROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


The holiday season is here, and for those looking for something to do locally, this weekend will provide more than its share of festive fun for all.

Saturday night, after several other Christmas time favorites like Kansas Children’s Service League’s Red Stocking Breakfast, SPBH’s Folk Art Festival and the Downtown Christmas Parade, there is one more local treat for those in the mood for a little more fun courtesy of the Liberal Senior Center (LSC).

The center is welcoming back the Homeland Mennonite Youth Group from Montezuma for a program starting at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. The program is called “Unto the Least of These” and has many songs and readings, the latter of which will tell the story.

Some well-known and not so well-known songs make up the list of music the group will perform acappella, including “One Silent Night,” “O Holy Night,” “The First Noel,” “I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” “Come Holy One,” “Come Unto Me,” “Carol of Redemption” and “Peace On Earth.”

LSC Director Darlene Ford said the program looks to be quite fun.

“We’re going to hear a Christmas story from the youth group, and then we get to hear them sing acappella,” she said. “Traditionally, these folks have been so warm and enjoying. They are great conversations. They love to sit and talk with people before and after the program. They share themselves, and we learn a lot. They learn a lot about us, and we learn a lot about them. At this particular time, we get to hear about the church in the Christmas story.”

The Montezuma youth group has been coming to Liberal for many years, and Ford said they have been well received.

“The leaders of the youth group used to be in the youth group,” she said. “It’s taken a circle. They’re really enjoying helping the younger generation enjoy sharing the word through music and words.”

With many performances in Liberal, Ford said more than likely, many in the community have heard the Montezuma group, and she would like to invite everyone to come out Saturday.

“It’s a simple short program, and afterwards, you can meet new people and enjoy some free food,” she said. “The food is prepared by the Mennonites. Every time they come, they share with us different things. We’ve had them here for Easter programs and Christmas programs. They prepare both. Not every year do they do both with us, but they enjoy going out into the different communities and sharing what their learning in their life through their youth groups.”

With many activities scheduled this weekend in both Liberal and nearby Plains, Ford said while many are committed to those events, but she said for those who don’t already have a commitment, the LSC event would be a great thing for them to do.

“We invite them to bring friends and family with them,” she said. “We also know for their elderly, sometimes coming out at nighttime, they’re not comfortable with. That’s why we also encourage them to call their grandchildren and see if they’re available for a little program to take grandma or grandpa to. They can do the driving, get them in and out and spend a little bit of time right before the holidays.”

Ford explained how the Montezuma group began coming to Liberal for the Christmas season.

“In Montezuma, you can only penetrate so deep,” she said. “Locally, they know the clientele in their area. A lot of times, your youth  like to go out and do things broader, and it is really a good way for younger people to start learning about missions and helping people outside of their own realm, and to physically be able to go from where you live in a community to another community is eye opening. I think the youth group leaders, back many years ago, decided, ‘Let’s see if we can share the hard work the youth group’s doing with other communities.’ I’m sure we are not the only community they share with. We are just one of the bigger ones in the area, so we get to enjoy them.”

Every generation has its own style of music, but Ford said for those who really like listening to music, Saturday at LSC will be an awesome experience because there are no instruments.

“It’s all acappella,” she said. “Some of the activities today are getting people on TV. There’s a whole program on that on what they can do, and this is right in here in our backyard. We can come hear some really good acappella singing, and it won’t cost you a thing.”

Ford encouraged people who have never come to the LSC Christmas concert with the Montezuma youth group to do so this weekend.

“Come on Saturday,” she said. “The program starts at 6:30. Be here, and be ready to just relax and hear some good music and enjoy some good food.”

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