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October 17th, 2019

cynthia martinELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The field of Liberal City Commission candidates is set, with some campaigning already going on. 

One of the candidates for this year’s election is Cindy Martin. Martin ran for a post on the USD 480 school board in 2017 and this year decided to run for a spot on the city commission. 

“I thought it would be something I would want to do in order to help serve the community and help pay it back,” Martin said. “I've gotten a lot of support from the community in the past and I want to pay it back and help make Liberal a better place for my children and grandchildren down the road. My big push for deciding to run was knowing I didn't want to vote to raise the mill levy or the tax levels and all of those things, they absolutely can't go up any more. I wanted to help make a change. I'd like to see everyone work together to help give Liberal a better name and help wipe out the negatives that have happened and start bringing about more positive changes for the people. I'd also like to see taxes lowered and the mill levy decreased. And I ultimately decided to run for the city commission because I felt I could reach more people in the community and be of more help.”

Martin, who is originally from Garden City, has lived in Liberal for the past 30 years and in that time, ran a daycare facility for 11 years and has worked at different daycare facilities during her time in the community. Should she get elected, Martin said she has several things she’d like to see happen. 

“I'd like to see the mill levy go down and I'd like to see more businesses come in and help bring more things to the community that people would want to visit as far as attractions,” Martin said. “Dorothy's House and the Coronado Museum and those places are great, but I feel like we need more attractions that would make people want to come to Liberal. I want to see more unity between the city  officials and the people and also between the city and the county and the school board and see all those entities working together and getting along instead of one entity blaming another for something. I really want to see that collaboration between everyone because that's what will help Liberal.”

And even though the candidate lists for each office were only recently finalized, Martin said she is already thinking about all the work she will be doing to get the word out throughout the community about her campaign by being at community events and also doing some door-to-door campaigning. Martin also emphasized the importance of people voting in this year’s election. 

“It always surprises me how many people aren't registered and also how many people just don't vote. People need to vote,” Martin said. “One of the things I'll probably ask people along my campaign is whether or not they're registered to vote and then if not, I'll encourage them to do that so their voices can be heard by voting. Every vote does count and people need to do so in order to set a good example for their children and grandchildren. I'm a hard worker and if I'm elected, I'll give it my best shot being your commissioner and supporting the people of Liberal.”

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