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October 17th, 2019

2019 trail of terror flyerELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Those looking for a fun and spooky activity while also supporting a local charitable cause will soon have just the thing thanks to the Liberal Police Department this coming weekend. 

LPD will be hosting its second Arkalon Trail of Terror from 8 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Arkalon Park. The entry fee is $10 per person and proceeds from the event will go toward the department’s Shop With a Cop program. 

“We would just like to invite everyone to come out and help us keep building on this. Our goal each year is to get bigger and bigger and better, and there are a lot of good changes we made for this year, so come out and see what we did because it will be a good time,” LPD Evidence Supervisor and event coordinator Alison Clark said. “I like scaring people, and the Trail of Terror overall is just a lot of fun and brings a lot of people out. It brings out an entirely new group of people out who support Shop With a Cop who might not realize just what they're doing for the community with that program. We had a lot of success with it last year and we had a lot of people go through it, so we decided to go ahead and do it again.”

Last year was the inaugural year for the event, and Clark said the inspiration for the idea came as the result of some brainstorming for ideas to help with the Shop With a Cop program. 

“We work to raise money for our Shop With a Cop program and we were working to come up with some outside-the-box ideas on how to do that and last year we decided to try our hand at a haunted trail since it's not something that's done a lot in this area,” Clark said. 

Overall, Clark said, those who come to the Trail of Terror should expect a lot of terror. 

“This year there are a few new things we're doing, one of them is we're going to be playing a spooky movie for everyone and we're still deciding which one we'll officially be showing. We'll also have some food vendors out there so you can enjoy some food and coffee and/or hot cocoa while enjoying the movie and waiting for the trail to start,” Clark said. “As far as the trail itself, we've changed some of the paths everyone will be going on, they won't be the same as last year. We'll also have more attractions and more volunteers, so we think it will be great. That being said, we definitely don't recommend bringing younger children because there are things that will legitimately scare people, there are some areas where there's gore and things like that. We do recommend children 14 years old and younger are accompanied by an adult, and everyone 18 years old and older is required to sign a waiver, which is available online. And if you are going to bring younger children, we do want to warn parents we will be showing a scary movie, so that will probably be something they see on the way in and it probably will scare them. Most of the things on the trail are designed to scare people hard, so we would caution parents about that. We did also change parking for this year – when people come out, they'll park on the south side of the park in that big open grass area, where the pavilion is, and that's where all the vendors and everyone else will be, and that's where the movie will be playing.”

Clark also talked about how Arkalon Park is the perfect location for such an event. 

“First off, Arkalon Park is a big and beautiful park and the crew there has done a great job of keeping it cleaned up and nice and making sure everything's maintained,” Clark said. “They've also done a great job getting all the trails ready and there are so many options people can choose from and Arkalon Park is great in that respect because we can change that up every year and make it a completely different and fresh experience each time. And with it being outdoors, the layout and everything else there at Arkalon Park adds to the spookiness and that's fewer decorations we have to put effort on because that spookiness and everything else is already there.”

There is a lot of excitement in the air among the staff for this year’s event, Clark said. 

“I'm excited to see if we can continue increasing our numbers and see more people come out. I'm most excited about the trail itself and what all we've put into it because there has been so much great work put into it and there's just so many things new for this year we can't wait to get feedback on,” Clark said. “We really like this fundraiser, it's a great opportunity for us to have fun while raising money for our awesome Shop With a Cop program, and then Shop With a Cop is something we never want to see go away. I foresee us building on this every year and seeing it get bigger and bigger, and the more people we can bring in and the more money we raise, the more things we can put on the trail and make it better and better.”

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