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September 19th, 2019

board of realtors tour homeThis house at 500 Lilac in Liberal is just one of several featured on the upcoming Southwest Kansas Board of Realtors Tour of Homes, which will take place next Sunday. Courtesy photoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


The world of real estate is a constant business, as everyone needs a place to live.

Sunday, Sept. 15, the Southwest Kansas Board of Realtors (SWKBOR) is giving a chance to look at some homes in Liberal with its first ever home tour.

SWKBOR’s Karem Gallo said a total of 18 homes are already on the list for people to tour from 1 to 3 p.m. next Sunday.

“Addresses might change, but as of now, we have 18 homes that are going to be open,” she said. “There’s also a giveaway, so at every home, you can expect to get a bingo sheet. We don’t know the rule yet of how you have to fill it. It depends on the home you go visit.”

Other prizes, Gallo said, will be given away throughout the tour.

“You visit so many homes, your name gets drawn so many times,” she said. “At every house they visit, whichever agent is there will initial on that address. They can start at any house and drop off the sheet at any house they’re finished with.”

This is the first time for the SWKBOR to host the open house tour in Liberal, and Gallo said local real estate brokers choose which homes go on the tour. The realtors will also give some of the tours.

“If the realtor’s not busy at the moment, they will walk them through the house,” she said. “I don’t know how their agents work. I usually let them go in and look at the house, and if they have questions, I answer them. It just depends how busy they are at the moment.”

Since this is the first time for the tour, Gallo said she is not sure what to expect.

“We have a lot of homes, so I don’t know how many people are going end up going to every house,” she said. “They might be able to make it to every house, but most houses are around the same area in town. It’s a first time, and it can go any way.”

Gallo said discussions about the event started earlier this year amongst SWKBOR members.

“We talked about it in May, and we decided September was going to be the best month for every office and the 15th of September was going to be the day we could all do one,” he said. “We just were brainstorming ideas of what we could do to have for the community. This is an event we’ve never had, and we just thought it would be fun and get people out there to see our houses.”

Gallo said those who come on the tour will be able to see much of Liberal as they go from house to house.

“We going to have houses on the north side of town,” she said. “We’re going to have houses on the south side of town. We’re going to have some houses outside of town, in county limits, and we’re going to have a house near Blue Bonnet Park as well. It’s all over town, but they are within driving range of each other.”

Gallo said she simply hopes the people who come next Sunday get the most out of their visit to the local homes on the tour.

“I hope whoever comes gets all their questions answered and they get to know the realtors and we’re here to help the community,” she said. “If they have any questions about financing, we’re not lenders, but we can tell them about what kind of loans they are. I just hope everybody gets their questions answered and they have a fun Sunday.”

While the homes on the tour are for sale, Gallo said there likely will be little in the way of buying at Sunday’s event.

“If they want to make an offer, they need to talk to the agent they want to work with and put in their bid in writing,” she said.

Gallo is inviting everyone to take part in what she hopes will continue as an annual event.

“I just hope they come and enjoy it,” she said.

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