July 18th, 2019

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A Tyrone, Okla., woman was arrested and charged recently with aggravated trafficking of illegal drugs or meth within 2,000 feet of a school or park, in addition to five other charges.

The other charges against Melissa Lynn Abla, 37, include one count each of conspiracy to commit trafficking of illegal drug or meth within 2,000 feet of school or park, possession of controlled dangerous substance without tax stamp affixed, maintaining place for keeping or selling controlled substance, possession of firearm during commission of a felony and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Abla is listed as an intensive reading instructor for Seymour Rogers Middle School in Liberal. USD No. 480 would not verify today whether or not Abla was still employed with the district.

In an affidavit, Kevin McIntire, an investigator for the Oklahoma District One District Attorney’s office, on Nov. 20, obtained a search warrant for a residence at 307 Arbell in Tyrone.

“The warrant was issued to authorize a search of the residence for controlled dangerous substances and other items of evidence related to the possession and distribution of controlled dangerous substances,” the affidavit said.

The affidavit then said upon arriving at the residence, an officer encountered a female subject, later identified as Abla, standing in the front yard of the residence.

“Upon making entry into the residence, officer encountered a male subject, later identified as Everett ‘Bryan’ Tomlinson, in the front room of the residence,” the affidavit said. “Both Abla and Tomlinson were detained.”

Next, the affidavit said District One Narcotics Agent Len Halliburton was part of the team assigned to enter and secure the residence. Halliburton advised McIntire that upon entering the residence about loaded handguns on the couch where Tomlinson had been seated.

McIntire, the affidavit said, examined the two handguns, a Glock model 19 9mm pistol and a Hy Hunter 25 caliber pistol.

Later, McIntire spoke with Tomlinson after advising him of his Miranda rights and explaining the purpose of the search warrant and the process that would follow.

McIntire later asked Tomlinson where to look in an effort to save time, and Tomlinson directed him to the freezer in the kitchen.

The investigator opened the freezer, finding a large Crown Royal bag inside the freezer, retrieving it and examining its contents. He located seven plastic bags that each contained varying amounts of a white and clear crystal substance he believed was methamphetamine.

McIntire weighed four of the bags and found them to be about 415 grams, 372 grams, 121 grams and 66.5 grams respectively. He then weighed the remaining three bags and found them to weigh about 15 grams.

“The total approximate weight of the suspected methamphetamine found in the freezer was 990.7 grams,” the affidavit said.

Tomlinson then requested to speak to McIntire and advised him there were two additional handguns in the residence, saying there were in a safe located in the bedroom.

During the search, McIntire located the handguns, a Bryco Arms 9mm pistol and a Makarov 9 mm pistol, and later he would also find a “one size fits most” style pistol holster next to the bed that indicated that one or more of the firearms had been or could have been carried on someone’s person.

A search of the remainder of the residence would reveal 15 small bags that each contained a brown crystal substance or white crystal substance McIntire believed to be methamphetamine.

He weighed each of the small bags of suspected meth and found most weighed between about half a gram and one full gram. Two large bags weighed about 1.28 grams and 1.93 grams, and the total approximate weight of the 15 bags was 12.64 grams.

The affidavit said another Crown Royal bag was located on the couch in the front room, and inside that bag, McIntire found a plastic bag that contained a white to clear crystal substance he believed to be meth.

The investigator would weigh this bag and found it had an approximate weight of 63 grams. He also located two sets of digital scales and a large quantity of new unused small plastic bogs on the couch in close proximity to the bag of suspected meth.

The affidavit said McIntire seized the evidence, field testing each of the bags that contained suspected meth with swabs, including the nine found in the freezer, on the couch and in the master bedroom of the residence. 

Each of the nine tests proved to be positive as meth, including three tests on the brown crystal substances. The total weight of all of the bags was about 2.5 pounds or 1,133 grams, and McIntire did not find a controlled dangerous tax stamp affixed to any of the bags.

McIntire later conducted an interview with Tomlinson, and Tomlinson stated that he had been traveling to the Oklahoma City metro area to purchase methamphetamine that he then distributes to individuals in the regional area around Texas County.

“Tomlinson stated that he last purchased methamphetamine for distribution a few days prior to his arrest,” the affidavit said. “Tomlinson stated that he has been distributing methamphetamine in the area for 1 to 1 1/2 years. Tomlinson was offered a urine drug screen, and Tomlinson stated that he could not pass a drug test.”

Lastly, McIntire conducted an interview with Abla. During the interview, Abla stated she was not actively involved in the distribution of methamphetamine with Tomlinson.

“Abla stated she had driven Tomlinson to locations where she believed he was conducting transaction to purchase and distribute methamphetamine, but she did not give details of the transactions.”

Abla stated she had traveled to Oklahoma City with Tomlinson when he was making purchases of methamphetamine. The affidavit said Tomlinson stated that the pair traveled to Oklahoma City Nov. 17, and Tomlinson purchased one kilogram of methamphetamine.

Abla had her initial appearance in Texas County District Court Nov. 28. She is scheduled for an attorney status hearing at 10 a.m. Dec. 17. Bail has been set at $250,000.

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