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August 26th, 2019

chris linenbrokerELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Many issues facing the Liberal community will be coming out in the coming weeks during election season, and candidate Chris Linenbroker said he is ready to help tackle them. 

“I want to be able to listen to the people and really get things done. I want my children to stay in town instead of leaving for the second they turn 18 for college – I want them to see there are things to do here,” Linenbroker said. “For all the younger people in the community, there are always things to do and activities and I would love to see people work together to make those bigger and better and bring more people. I've already been talking to people around the community. I'm serious about my campaign and I want people to know they back me and know it’s a good decision.”

Linenbroker grew up in Liberal and since moving back to Liberal after living in Idaho for several years, he has established a tree trimming business and currently also works at the hospital as the groundskeeper. 

Linenbroker’s mother, Ada, serves on the Seward County Commission, and he added politics seemed good to get into. 

“I had the chance to go to Washington, DC a couple years ago and I thought politics might be a good way to go,” Linenbroker said. “I want to help bring about some changes and I know there are some opportunities in the community to make that happen for the better for everyone. I tried it a few years ago and didn't get elected. I had wanted to run two years ago but there was so much going on around the city and I wanted to do things for the community, not things going on with the city administration business going on at that time. I've had people tell me 'I think you'd be a good choice, you're fair and open-minded and listen to people' and they know I want to promote this community. I also want my children to think 'I want to stay here' and not move on.”

Linenbroker said there will be three major focuses to his campaign. 

“First is infrastructure – we're doing a lot of work and we're putting new water lines in and putting in a new wastewater treatment plant and those things, but I think we can go beyond that,” Linenbroker said. “I think we also need some better roads going through town for, say, the ambulance – if you're going from the south end to the north end of town, there's not one road that's really smooth for things like that, so it would be nice for emergency personnel to have that so they can get from one side of town to the other should the need arise. So infrastructure's a big thing. I also want to promote small businesses and small industry – we've got National Beef, and that's really stable for Liberal, but I feel if we can get some smaller industry into town and create more jobs and bring in something different, that will greatly help. Even if it's a small company that needs only 10 employees, that's still 10 jobs being created and helping people. Several of the smaller businesses in town are struggling because people are preferring to go with the bigger names that come through town, and we need to support those smaller businesses just as much.”

Linenbroker also addressed the importance of voter turnout come November. 

“People just need to get out and vote. I always hear people complaining and saying things like 'So-and-so's not doing what I voted them in to do' and then when you ask if they voted, they say 'No because it doesn't make a difference,'” Linenbroker said. “But in Liberal, it makes a difference and sometimes, 10 votes is enough to turn the tide, so get out there and vote because it can help and it does count. And if it turns out I'm not your candidate, that's fine too, but get out and vote.”

Should he be elected to one of the city commissioner spots, Linenbroker said he is looking forward to helping take Liberal into a new direction. 

“When I ran four years ago my campaign slogan was 'Vote a different way,'” Linenbroker said. “And I'm sticking with that because I feel like we can take Liberal in a whole new direction for the better.”

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