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December 06th, 2019


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A few school supply drives have taken place throughout this summer to help prepare USD 480 teachers and students as they go into the upcoming 2019-20 school year, and throughout August, the Tammy Lenear American Family Insurance Agency will also be looking to help gather school supplies. 

The drive will be going on throughout the rest of August and will end with a drawing of a $250 gift card from Dillons to a lucky person. Lenear said there were a few reasons for wanting to do the drive. 

“I decided to do this drive to help increase engagement with the community. I also wanted to help teachers who need school supplies for the upcoming year, and the staff at the Central Office will be distributing those supplies to the teachers after everything is said and done,” Lenear said. “Also, I thought this was a great time to do not only the drive but also give away a $250 Dillons card for groceries and gas. I know with all the fees for everything and then having to buy supplies and clothes and everything else, it can get a bit expensive, so that will be a nice thing to have to help offset some of that. We’re really killing two birds with one stone, so to speak – we're not only helping the district with all the supplies we'll end up with, but we'll also be helping someone with a gift card who might need a little help. We like to do a few different giveaways throughout the year, so I thought this would be neat to do around back-to-school time.”

People can bring their school supply donations to the office at 2246 N. Kansas Avenue during normal business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Lenear said the drive is for a good cause and offered encouragement for people to donate. 

“They’ll be giving back to the community and they’ll also have the chance to win some basically free money, and none of this takes very much effort or time. We’re looking for a little bit of everything including the usual pencils and notebooks and those things, and I know a lot of teachers also like to have the hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes handy in their classrooms,” Lenear said. “I know a lot of supplies are geared toward the elementary school aged students, but there are also high school students who need calculators and rulers and those things that aren’t typically thought about. So any school supplies people bring in will be greatly appreciated, and one item equals one ticket for the drawing – so if you bring in, say 10 items, you get your name in the drawing 10 times. Overall, it’s just a great cause to help with. I’m hoping we get a lot of school supply donations and I can’t wait to see who ends up getting that $250 gift card.”

Lenear added her staff also thought the drive was a good idea, and said it is important for school supply drives to take place to help local students and teachers. 

“We try to do something each quarter as far as giveaways and things like that. We’ve done food drives before and then gave something away, we've done cleaning supply drives and then gave something away. We always want to be active in the community and find a way to give back,” Lenear said. “There are families in need with children who will be entering school, and since it can get costly with everything that’s needed, this is a great way we can help. I’ve heard teachers say there’s so much that comes out of pocket and they don’t get reimbursed for. So if we can help those teachers and students, that’s great and we want to help. So come out and support it, we'll appreciate all the supplies we can get and we can’t wait to surprise the USD 480 staff with everything we collect.”

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