June 24th, 2019

elly springfest home show 2018Attendees at last year’s KSCB Springfest Home and Fun Show wander around to the different vendors available at the event. This year’s event will also feature several different vendors, according to coordinator Cheryl Collins. L&T file photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


It will soon be time to get started on those spring home improvement projects around the house and the KSCB Springfest Home and Fun Show will have just the tools to help get that started. 

This year's Springfest Home and Fun Show will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, March 2 and from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, March 3 at the Seward County Activity Center. 

“The start time's a little later that Saturday because that day is also the same day as the eating and flipping contests for Pancake Day, so that'll actually be a bit of an addition for this year,” KSCB Sales Manager Cheryl Collins said. “Just like every year and same with our fall and winer show, shoppers have the opportunity to visit many stores in the same day in the same place, that's not really something seen too often, so it's a great opportunity for one-stop shopping.”

Collins added more vendors are also being sought for this year’s event. The event will include several home improvement booths for roofing, cabinets, painting, tractors and mowers and home security (among many others) as well as vendors for clothing, golf, health and wellness and jewelry, among many others.

“We always welcome vendors to the lineup for our spring show and we're still looking for vendors for this year. The Seward County Activity Center is a great location to work with and work in, so we can always add space for vendors,” Collins said. “And any type of business can set up a booth for their service/product, whether it's personal improvement or some type of equipment or any of that kind of stuff, they're more than welcome. And if a business does want to set something up, they just need to call me here at the radio station at 624-3891 and I'll get them set up for that weekend.”

Collins added the event is also a great opportunity for one-stop shopping for customers and the vendors. 

“It's sort of like with the customers being able to see a lot of stores in one spot, the businesses will also be able to see a lot of customers in the same day in the same spot, which equals a lot of foot traffic,” Collins said. “And even if someone doesn't officially buy something from you, they know who you are now since they technically passed through your store. We have a lot more home improvement businesses with our spring show than with our winter show. With our winter show, that's more along the lines of home decoration and Christmas gifts and that sort of thing. And we have a lot of people who come to both shows every year, so hopefully we'll see that again.”

Overall, Collins said, she and staff are excited for this year. 

“I hope it'll be big again and I hope we see a lot of foot traffic and customers come through,” Collins said. “There are a lot of businesses that will be there with a lot of different goods and services to offer, and we'll have everything from home improvement to lawn equipment and tractors to grills, a lot of home stuff, we'll really have a little bit of everything.”

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