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November 13th, 2019

astronaut mug• Submitted by Joyce Schultz of NASA


Hoxie High School graduate Nick Hague is headed to the International Space Station (ISS). Who would have thought that a kid from a small rural Kansas town would become an astronaut, but that is exactly what has happened to Tyler (Nick) Hague. Following graduation from Hoxie High School, Nick received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy where he earned a BS in astronautical engineering in 1998. In 2000, he completed an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Nick was selected for the Air Force Fellows program in Washington, D.C. and later served in the Pentagon as a congressional appropriations liaison for the U.S. Central Command. 

Chosen as an astronaut in 2013, Nick joined a group of 4 women and 4 men for 2 years of astronaut candidate (ASCAN) training. His class is known as the “Eight Balls.” For almost an additional two years, Nick has been training in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Russia for his launch and 6-month stay on the International Space Station. 

Assigned as a flight engineer for Expedition 57/58, he will be launching from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft this coming September. He will be traveling to orbit 250 miles above the Earth with Russian cosmonauts Aleksey Ovchinin and Nikolai Tikhonov. Nick is the first member of his class to travel to ISS, where he will be able to see and photograph Kansas as well as North America and the whole of Earth. He will be performing many science experiments and maintaining the station during his expedition. 

You can learn more about Nick and see photos and videos at or follow him on Twitter @AstroHague. You can also find out how to watch the ISS fly across the Kansas skies by going to NASA’s Spot the Station website:  Here you can learn when, from which direction, how high, and how long you can see the ISS as it travels over the U.S. 

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