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November 20th, 2019

extract group photoThe employees at Extract Production Services at 210 N. Country Estates Road in Liberal stop for a photo after the facility’s open house event Wednesday. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Every industry requires tools and equipment of some type, especially the oil and gas industry, which has a long industry in the area. 

Since June 2018, Extract Production Services at 210 N. Country Estates Road has been in Liberal to help provide just that to the oil and gas fields in the area. 

“What we do here is we're a full-service operation for electrical submersible pumps, we provide those and the service that goes with them. It's a turnkey operation, we do the whole thing for local producers,” Chris Osburn, a regional manager for Extract, said. “The main idea behind this facility is there are a lot of other service providers in the area who do a few of the things we do, but they don't have a full-scale operation like we do – some do just spooling and work cable, some do other parts. But with the other companies, if any of that equipment has to be tested, they have to truck it to Tulsa, Okla. or Oklahoma City, which is a long way away. So we saw a need for producers in the area to have a full-scale operation for everything. So we came into the area and since we have, we've been very glad we made that decision and we're continuing to run our operation in the current market and being here has really helped local producers cut down on down time waiting for their equipment and everything else they need.”

Since opening, Osburn said, everything has been going very smoothly with the producers in the area. 

“The local producers have indeed appreciated how they're able to get someone who's from the area and not in a different state, so the response times are much quicker, which means they can get the needed work done quicker,” Osburn said. “They also appreciate how everything is right here on site and they can get everything they need done right here in town without having to do a lot of extra traveling.”

“Absolutely, everything's been going phenomenally and has been working really smoothly. We're getting everything in and building a client base in this area, so we're definitely growing,” Extract employee Brian Muncy said. “That shorter wait time is a blessing when you need the equipment out there when you're in the middle of a job, so it's a very good thing having us in the area.”

Other employees and associates of the company also expressed praise about working in the area. 

“This is a very tight-knit community and especially for what goes on in this area, it's great for use of what we work on here,” Matt Cox, a Regional Sales Manager at Extract, added. “All of the producers in the area who we've worked with have been amazing to work with, there's a great level of communication with them, which is very critical to the sales part of this job and how we operate. We're very proud to provide this service to the area.”

Osburn and Muncy agreed having such a facility in the Southwest Kansas area is particularly important. 

“The remoteness of this area, compared to the bigger cities like Oklahoma City or Wichita, is a big factor since those cities are quite a distance away,” Osburn said. “There's a lot of production going on out here our equipment is required for, so when you have a facility like ours closer to your work site, it's all the better for everyone involved. Another big thing is our clients know we're committed to the area, we're committed to helping them produce and operate their wells, and time is money. So the local presence is extremely important because they know we can provide our full-scale turnkey operation to help them without having to truck something in or out.”

“There's a lot of work going on in this area that needs our equipment, so the quicker we can get everything completed and tested properly, the quicker we can get it to the work site, which then makes the work site much more productive since there's not that down time waiting for something or another,” Muncy said. “There are a lot of work sites in the area that need us, and they know we can handle any work needed and they know we can help.”

Osburn also offered encouragement for clients to pay a visit to the facility to see the operations for themselves. 

“I could sit here all day and talk and talk about what we do, but we really want to show people, there's much more of that experience for people when they actually see what's going on so they have that visual in their heads instead of just words,” Osburn said. “So come out for a visit, we'll be glad to show you how a pipe is tested and how all of our equipment works so we can show you our commitment to the area. And word travels, so if we have a group of people who come through and see how our operation works, that's that amount of people who can talk to their friends/family about what they saw. Everyone talks, we want people to talk about us and what we do.”

“With what we do, we talk a lot about the service aspect, this is a very service-driven company and we want to provide the highest level of service to our clients,” Cox said. “We also want to provide the highest quality product available on the market to our clients so they're able to say that. Our mission statement is 'Relentless Reliability and Responsiveness,' that's what we want to be known for. We work to sell the service before the actual product because at the end of the day, if they're happy with the service, they'll keep coming back for our products, so it's that repeating cycle. We want to provide the best service and experience we can. That's what we're here to do. We have very high-quality products here and we're a very service-driven company.”

There are also some big things for the future to expect from the company. 

“We're continuing to try to grow all of our operations in this market. We've been successful to this point and we'll continue looking at the business side of everything as often as possible in order to make sure everything is going as it should and make sure we're doing everything we can to attract and keep clients,” Osburn said. “The more the community sees us and the more the word of mouth travels, I think we'll continue to grow because we're so committed to the area and have our presence here. We're doing events like what we did Wednesday to show the community we're here and we're going to stay. Come see it all for yourself, we have it all and we can show you what we do here. I don't want to just talk about what we do, I want to show people what all we do. We want to make this open house an annual thing to show what we do to the community and also show our commitment to staying in the area. We're very proud of the full-scale operation we've been able to set up here and we want to host other open house events like this for the community so they can see what we're doing.”

“We want to see increased volume as far as equipment and inventory go, and we want to be able to provide everything we can to the work sites in town,” Cox added. “Overall, it's that increase in capacity all around, but we want it to be a controlled growth because we want to stay in the area, we don't want to grow too big too fast and then go bust. Because that would hurt not only the clients we serve but also our employees here who work for us. If we can keep everything together and between the lines, it'll be great and we'll be here a long time.”

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