June 17th, 2019

dominos ribbon cuttingDomino’s franchisee Wade Lessert and other Domino’s staff cut the ribbon at the restaurant’s new location on North Kansas Avenue with Chamber of Commerce ambassadors looking on. Lessert expressed excitement about serving the community. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Many restaurants in the last several months have decided to call Liberal home and Wednesday, the pizza chain Domino’s became part of that list. 

Wednesday saw the restaurant, located at 1580 N. Kansas Ave., cut the ribbon with Chamber of Commerce ambassadors and employees present. 

“It's really great. The town has accepted us really well and everything has been going great so far,” Domino’s franchisee Wade Lessert said. “Once we got the store in Garden City open, we knew we wanted to continue expanding in this area and Liberal was the obvious choice, so we're here now and we're going to be opening in Dodge City next.”

The restaurant has only been open a few weeks and Lessert said there were a lot of factors looked at before deciding to bring Domino’s to Liberal. 

“We look at a lot of different things like demographics, population, we also look at potential competitors,” Lessert said. “When we were starting all this we got a lot of different information about Liberal and ultimately everything just worked out and here we are.”

Overall, Lessert said, it is exciting to have the store opened in Liberal after all the work put in. 

“We're excited about the employees we have from around here, they're all very great to work with. Like with the Garden City store, I was really surprised how everyone came together really quickly as a team,” Lessert said. “And even the community itself, we've gotten lots of great feedback from people here in town and we're really excited about all that too. It's been fantastic, everything's been going really well so far. We've been keeping really busy and at the very beginning we had some employees here from Garden City to kick it off and now this place has the employees from Liberal and we're starting to see some things level out more and become more stable, so to speak. It's been a really good opening for us.”

Lessert also offered encouragement for people in the community to visit the restaurant and see everything on the menu. He added there are a lot of great career opportunities for those who are job hunting. 

“I would say just come in and see us or look at our menu online at, there's a lot of great stuff we have on there and it showcases everything we offer,” Lessert said. “We have a really big online ordering presence. So start by either looking at us online or visiting us in person, we'd love to serve you. We’re always hiring. Full-time employees are offered medical insurance and 401(K), so we have a lot of opportunities there. Ninety-five percent of franchisees start in the business itself so there are also a lot of opportunities there. If anyone's looking for a career path, Domino's is a good place to start.”

Lessert added he and the rest of the Domino’s crew are excited to see what the future will bring. 

“Right now we're focusing on getting our feet firmly in the ground and establishing ourselves but once we do that, we're really wanting to be part of the community by working with the Chamber of Commerce, being involved with the schools in some way,” Lessert said. “Once you open, the very beginning is more about getting everyone and everything established but then once that happens is when we can have more fun. But we're going to definitely wanting to work in the community and be a partner. I want to thank everyone for welcoming us to Liberal and we're looking forward to being here for a long time.”

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