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October 17th, 2019

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Throughout the summer, the USD 480 school board has been working to make sure everything is ready to go for the students of the district as they prepare to enter the classroom, and all of that work will end Monday night during the board’s last meeting before the school year starts, starting at 6:30. 

Up first will be the administrator reports, starting with the superintendent’s. 

“District administration is in the process of updating the Board of Education Goal action plans.  The action plans will be shared with the board of education at the second board meeting in September,” the agenda information noted. “Also, the climate and retention committee hosted a booth at the new educator fair, and the Good Things will start up again in September.”

The director of operations will also give an update on some of the work going on in the schools. 

“The VRF system at LHS is up and running, ready for school, and RTU replacements throughout the district are functional and the rooms are being cooled, but we will not have room level control until the VAV's have been replaced,” the agenda information noted. “VAV replacements for Liberal High School, LHS East Campus, Bright Start Early Learning Center, Cottonwood Elementary School and Sunflower Elementary School are scheduled to be complete Oct. 14. A 25-ton condensing unit for Cottonwood has been delayed, the ETA unknown at this point.”

First under new business for the board will see the board being asked to approve the interim instructor recommendations for the 2019-20 school year. The list includes Rebecca Applebee, Ashley Prosser, Richard Forbes and Austin Downs for LHS, and Noemi Rodriquez for Seymour Rogers Middle School. 

After that, the talk will turn to technology, with the board being asked to approve the Microsoft Renewal in the amount of $54,928.12. Last year’s Microsoft renewal was $50,034.52, according to the agenda information. 

The board will also be discussion the replacement of a pair of boilers at LHS. 

“USD 480 has solicited bids to remove and replace the existing pair of boilers, two 2400 million BTU, at LHS with two 1200 million BTU boilers,” the agenda information noted. “The existing boilers are reaching end of life and are now oversized with the reduction in heat load. The following bids were received: Wichita Burner Inc. in Wichita, in the amount of $103,552; and ESP in Overland Park in the amount of $168,591.60. Included in the performance contract with ESP was a $75,000 allocation for boiler repair/replacement. There is also $76,943.04 in contingency dollars remaining in the project. Staff is recommending the board approve the bid from Wichita Burner in the amount of $103,552.”

The board will also be discussion real estate listings. 

“Mr. Witzke prepared listing agreements for the following properties: Central Office for $135,000; Education Service Center for $175,000; the former McDermott property for $325,000; and the property at 910 N. Lincoln for $12,500,” the agenda information noted. “OTLR (Original Town of Liberal Revitalization) declined the donation of the former Garfield School property to their organization. I contacted Mr. Witzke to have him prepare a real estate listing agreement and a property value estimate.”

To conclude New Business, the board will be asked to approve JCDAD policy revisions as presented.

“Last spring representatives from the middle schools and high school met to review policy JCDAD Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug and recommend changes for Mr. Yoxall and the board of education's review,” the agenda information noted. “Mr. Yoxall has completed his revisions of the policy and it is now ready for consideration by the Board of Education.”

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