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September 19th, 2019

mike davidson courtesy photoMike Davidson has seen two promotions this year, first becoming the head coach of the Seward County Saints baseball team, and then becoming the SCCC Athletic Director. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM
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This year saw a shakeup in the Seward County Community College athletics department, with the most surprising one being the departure of Roy Allen from the athletics director position after his wife, Thais Baziquetto-Allen, accepted a head coaching job in Florida after coaching the Lady Saints volleyball team.

With there being a bit of a scramble, the SCCC athletics staff turned to a long-time member of the SCCC family – Mike Davidson. Davidson’s acceptance of athletic director came at the end of July. 

“It’s been great. My secretary Brandie McIntire has been a real saving grace for me because she worked here with McSpadden and Roy, so she knows where everything’s at and how things run and how things went in the past so we can draw from that,” Davidson said. “I have been here 18 years, so I do know how some things work since I worked here under Galen but at that time because of my position there were some things I wasn’t privy to. But we’re working to make the best decisions we can and if there’s something we’re unsure of we look up that information we need and then keep going from there.”

Davidson came to SCCC in 2000 as the assistant baseball coach under Galen McSpadden, who was also the athletics director at that time. Davidson has also worked with the Bee Jays three different seasons and received the head baseball coach position after McSpadden retired and recently was named the athletics director himself.

“They offered me a 10-month placement in this position and at the end of that, the decision will be made of whether I’ll be the full-time AD and step down from baseball or be the full-time baseball coach and step down from the AD position,” Davidson explained. “Right now we’re just keeping things together and moving forward the way we know how.”

And even though Davidson is entering his 19th year with SCCC, he said there has still been plenty to learn. 

“There’s so much already,” Davidson said with a laugh. “But a lot of it’s been about timing of eligibility and making sure we stay on top of all of that since a lot of that is time-sensitive and there’s a lot that goes with that. Also just the day-to-day operations so I’m able to fully be the AD here in the morning and then put more of my focus on the baseball in the afternoons.”

And that balance, Davidson said, has been among the toughest parts of the situation. 

“I’m trying to be 100 percent AD and 100 percent head baseball coach, but there’s no way to do that 24/7. So I’ve got it to where I can be 100 percent focused on my AD tasks in the morning and then 100 percent focused on the ball diamond in the afternoons and be the best coach I can to the young men on the team,” Davidson said. “I’ve got a brand new assistant coach, Austin King, who’s helped out tremendously and who volunteered to come back and help – he was actually here with me last season, so that helps a lot. My assistant coaches also know what needs to be done so if I get caught up in a meeting or something else they can get things started and they’ve actually worked with me before so they know the position I’m in and they do a great job to help out on the baseball side. I trust our athletic staff to be a good staff and I know they’re great people to work with and do a great job with our athletes – they’re great at their jobs and we hired them for a reason.”

And the rest of the school year looks great, Davidson said. 

“We’ve got volleyball started recently and they’re already off to a great start, plus we’ve got a new head coach for them and we’re looking forward to seeing how they do and hopefully they can repeat as conference champs and get us back to the national tournament,” Davidson said. “We’re also really excited about the new video boards we have in the gym, those are really nice along with our sound system we’ve had for only a year. We did a lot of work in the gym during the summer season and it all turned out really nice and we invite everyone to come see that. We’re looking forward to our local students being in the community and getting out in the community because something we’re really wanting to push is this is a community college and we want the community to be involved because if it wasn’t for the community, we wouldn’t be here and we appreciate everything the community does as far as support. We’re also really looking forward to our upcoming basketball preview night and having the opportunity to show off what the basketball teams are going to look like and it’s really exciting to see new life in the college and help our student athletes have a great year.” 

Overall, Davidson said he is grateful for the opportunity. 

“I want to thank the coaches and the administration and our board and staff for having the faith in me to do this job and be in the positions I’m in,” Davidson said. “After being here 18 years, that’s a vote of confidence to me that I’m doing things right and we’ll continue to be that way as we move forward and keep SCCC and SCCC athletics on the map and put out a good product.”

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