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October 19th, 2019

april and nathan foreman county commission meetingSeward County Counselor Nathan Foreman, left, and Administrator April Warden listen to some of the information presented for one of the items at Monday’s county commission meeting. L&T photo/Robert PierceROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Officials with Seward County have now confirmed a salary data and compensation plan will be available next week.

Monday, Human Resources Director Maria Aguilar said the report from the Arnold Group will be given to county leaders May 29. She said officials with the company will have a conference call with her at 10 a.m. that day to go over the plan.

“From previous meetings, it was directed by the commission we would like to set up some type of meeting or work session so they can present their findings, and you guys can discuss the findings as well,” she said. “They want you guys to be able to propose some dates so they can make themselves available to come down and discuss those.”

Commission Chairman Nathan McCaffrey said that work session needs to be done as soon as possible, particularly with the county’s budget time approaching and potential plans to raise employee salaries.

“I know there are important steps to this process, but it’s also important, I think, we start putting in the work from the commission standpoint to get it done once we have that report back,” he said.

Aguilar said Arnold Group officials were not available the first week of June, but they would be available the second week.

“His plan is to come down June 13, which is a Thursday, and spend all day with me and probably April as well to just go over everything and if possible do a work session in the morning of June 14,” she said. “He’ll be here to present and explain his findings and maybe make some recommendations, and you guys can then determine.”

McCaffrey asked Aguilar if it were possible for commission members to review the plan prior to the June date.

“If we get it June 29, as commissioners, we can get it and start to look at it before then at that point, correct?” he said.

“He didn’t say that, but I’m assuming that’s a possibility,” Aguilar said.

A work session is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to noon June 14.

At the May 6 commission meeting, funding has was approved for an agreement between Seward County and the Arnold Group to help the county with its wage and compensation plan, salary survey and performance management system.

Commissioners voted unanimously at that meeting to approve $4,800 annually for three years to be taken from the county’s Reserve For Claims – Salary Proposal to be paid to the company.

At that same meeting, Aguilar said during the course of the three years, there will several projects the Arnold Group will help with in regards to the county’s employees.

“After they get done with the compensation survey, salary survey and compensation plan, we’re going to move on to the employee handbook, policies,” she said. “We’re going to be doing an HR assessment. There’s a lot of other audits and things that need to take place, job descriptions. Our job descriptions are very outdated. A performance management system where we can start doing performance evaluations for everyone, reviewing policies and drafting policies.” 

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