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August 26th, 2019

eisenhower builders clubThe Eisenhower Middle School Builders Club stops for a photo with members of the Kansas Noon Kiwanis Club during a special luncheon at the end of January. The Builders Club was only recently chartered at the school and advisor Amanda Collins said everything is going well with the club so far. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Students in USD 480 are encouraged to do community service during their school career and recently, a new community service group got started at Eisenhower Middle School to help with just that. 

Eisenhower Middle School recently started its Builders Club, which advisor Amanda Collins said is the middle school version of the Kiwanis Club. 

“The community is always willing to help the schools in a lot of different capacities, so it’s about helping students be aware of what the community does for them and the school and then the students in turn providing service back to the community no matter how big or small,” Collins said. “I’m very service-minded and I like providing services no matter how big or small – it could be something as simple as picking up trash or making baked goods for nursing home patients. We actually also partnered with the college’s Circle K group and some of our members did a service project with them and helped make coloring books for the patients at the nursing homes as a Valentine’s Day present. It’s about teaching children they can do small acts of great service without a lot of effort.”

The Builders’ Club is sponsored by the Noon Kiwanis group and another teacher, Daniel Minde, is the one who had heard about the club before Collins transferred to Eisenhower. 

“He had started asking the needed questions and filling out the application stuff and all of that. What it really is is a leadership service organization, so the idea behind it is for us to lead by doing service in the community and teaching our students to engage with the community and be leaders through service,” Collins said. “We got our charter back in October and we started meeting every other week starting in November or December, so we didn’t have too many meetings before we took off for Christmas break. So now that we’ve been back from Christmas break we’ve initiated our officers and actually had a really big celebration when people from the state Noon Kiwanis came and helped us with that, and that was really neat.”

Even though the club is only a few months old, Collins said the response to the club has already been positive. 

“The students are already realizing how exciting it can be to help others, which is great,” Collins said. “One of the members who helped Circle K with its project, he came to school the next day and his face was so lit up and he was so excited to have been a part of something that was going to make people happy.”

Collins also talked about some of the projects the club members are thinking of. 

“We try to let our members rather guide what type of service projects they want to do,” Collins said. “Our president is actually very passionate about picking up trash and making sure everything’s picked up, so one of the things she’s kind of proposed is going to local parks and picking up trash and making the community a lot cleaner. She’s also very passionate about helping at the animal shelter, so she also wants to do some sort of project with them. We want to let our students’ passions drive the club. Something we really want to get started is making toys for dogs out of old T-shirts, there is a way to do that we found. Like I said earlier our president is very passionate about working with the animal shelter, so that’s a project she proposed.”

Collins said it has been great already seeing the students be excited about community service. 

“We struggle to stop and realize how exciting it is to do things for others, so I’m excited to see the students doing things for others and being excited about doing it,” Collins said. “There’s never a wrong time to do something for others, so I would say come join us and be part of the club and help us do things for others in the community.”

Overall, the future of the club looks very bright, Collins said, and she offered encouragement for students and their parents to look into joining the club.

“We meet during school, that’s when our primary meetings are, but we will also have a few meetings outside of school,” Collins said. “It really is a great club and it does a great job of helping students be more service-minded toward the community, which is our main goal, to lead through service.”

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