May 21st, 2019

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A handful of items will keep the Liberal City Commission busy at its next meeting this evening starting at 5:30. 

Up first for the commission will be discussion of the comprehensive insurance program renewal. 

“On Nov. 17, 2018, the commission approved the risk management services of Charlesworth and Associates, LLC to evaluate our current insurance program, provide recommendations for improvement, and coordinate a competitive quote process for our comprehensive insurance program, effective April 1, 2019,” the agenda information noted. “We value our long-standing relationship with Al Shank Insurance and EMC and appreciate their assistance and attention to the proper management of the City’s risks. We also appreciate EMC’s Dividend Program which, although, it is not guaranteed, has yielded an average dividend of $61,730 per year during the past 10 years alone. Al Shank Insurance is very involved in the community and has supported several City functions throughout the years. It is very hard to evaluate insurance proposals in addition to the potential dividend checks as we have to evaluate each line item such as deductibles, etc. The lowest bottom line price is not always the best deal – for example, after the last major hail storm, we had claims on 72 vehicles. With EMC, our deductible was $250 per occurrence versus $1,000 per vehicle and with the proposed new company, $250 is much less than $72,000. These are the types of things staff must evaluate and not just the bottom line price. Staff recommends the commission consideration of the comprehensive insurance program renewal to be rewarded to Employers Mutual Casualty (Al Shank Insurance) in the amount of $608,126.”

Up next for the commission will be discussion of Ordinance No. 4518, which concerns rezoning a piece of property from Agriculture District “A-L” and single-family dwelling to “R-3” multiple family dwelling district. After that, the commission will be discussing the final plat for the Andersen Addition. 

“On Feb. 14, the final plat was taken before the Liberal Metropolitan Area Planning Commission for its approval and recommendation to the city commission,” the agenda information noted. “After discussion amongst the Planning Commission, the final plat was approved without conditions, and it was recommended to go before the city commission for approval. As of Feb. 28, we have received no negative response from any abutting property owners, and no protest petitions have been filed with the city clerk.”

The Liberal Police Department will be back before the commission with a few requests of its own. 

“Distriction devices are used in police operations to allow officers to divide the attention of suspects during high-risk situations,” the agenda information noted. “After careful consideration, the department is requesting to change from the current use of the Defense Technology ‘Low Roll’ distraction device to the ALS ‘TRMR’ distraction device. The current price of the Low Roll is about $55 per unit and is a one-time use unit. The TRMR is $232 per unit and can be reused 250 times, and the reload for the TRMR is $8.50. The department is requesting $5,568 to purchase 24 TRMR distraction devices and $425 to purchase the ‘Bore Thunder’ reloads. The department is also asking $3,077.75 to purchase chemical and impact munitions, which are needed to replace munitions currently out of date. These are used to provide options to officers in high-risk situations that allow for safer outcomes for citizens, officers and suspect(s).”

Concluding new business for the evening will be discussion of Cann Creek drainage and parking improvements to parking at the baseball fields.

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