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September 19th, 2019

maam director city commission recapMid-America Air Museum Director Bob Immell shares one of the items from the MAAM archives during the most recent meeting of the Liberal City Commission Tuesday evening. Immell was at the meeting to request the purchase of archive supplies to help properly store the items in the museum’s archive rooms. L&T photo/Elly GrimmELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Some updates and improvements will be seen throughout Liberal before too long thanks to some decisions made by the Liberal City Commission during its most recent meeting Tuesday evening. 

One of the first items that came up for the commission in that category was improvements for CityBus. The staff had three items up for approval, with the first one being improvements to 10 bus stops in the community. 

“I’m here this evening to talk about improvements that are needed for 10 of our bus stops around town,” Economic Development Transit Supervisor Billie Proctor said. “We’re requesting $5,840, which came by way of an anonymous donation, for benches, trash cans and concrete pads at each of the stops. This will be the beginning of it and we want to make some improvements to other stops in the future. We want these stops to all be ADA-compliant, so that will also have to be kept in mind. And just to give you some numbers, just last month we had 2,787 rides given. Our numbers are climbing since it is summertime and more people need rides, and the number of rides for dialysis patients is also climbing.”

The commission unanimously voted to approve the improvements to the bus stops (which include 4U Mobile Home Park, Liberal airport Terminal, the new Seward County Health Department location, Blue Bonnet Park, Meadowlark Elementary School, Eisenhower Middle School, Fresenius Kidney Care, Mid-America Air Museum, the Baker Arts Center and Southwest Guidance Center. The commission then moved on to the staff’s next item, which concerned accepting grant application capital for a ramp-accessible minivan, which was also ultimately unanimously approved. 

Liberal Troop No. 73 Eagle Scout Dammion Brown then spoke to the commission about his project, which is putting in a bus shelter for the bus stop at 14th Street, which is the stop for Dillon’s and the other surrounding businesses. 

“I’m working on my big Eagle Scout project, and I want to put up a bus shelter at 14th Street to help the businesses in that area,” Brown said. “The shelter I’m looking into would cost $7,400 and I also need about $400 for a concrete pad to be put in there. I’m here tonight to ask for permission from the commission to go with this. I would be going around to the businesses in that area and asking for any donations they can provide and if I get enough money, we can also put in a light kit for the later bus routes.”

The commission ultimately unanimously approved the project, which was later praised by the commissioners. 

“I like the idea of having this there, it would be really helpful,” Commissioner Tony Martinez said. 

“I like this project too and I appreciate all the hard work Dammion put into his presentation and will be putting into this work. It’s great we have someone in the community showing that type of initiative.”

The Mid-America Air Museum was also on hand at the meeting to request the purchase of archive supplies so items at the museums can be properly stored. 

“The pictures there in the packets show what our archives rooms look like right now, and very few of those items are being properly stored,” MAAM Director Bob Immell said. “To bring home the point of why we need to be able to store everything properly, I actually brought an item with you.”

Immell then showed the commission a pressurized space helmet identical to the one worn by Alan Shepard during his mission with the Mercury space program, which Immell said will be going on display in the near future. 

“This is one of the items just sitting in the archive room and it’s in better condition than most because it’s been mostly left alone,” Immell said. “We have several more items like this and they deserve to be stored properly, which is why we need this equipment.”

Ultimately, the commission unanimously voted to approve the purchase of the archive supplies for a total of $19,586.35, which will be funded by a recent anonymous donation. 

In other business, the commission also approved the purchase of a Sports Utility Vehicle for $21,772.47 for the sports turf facilities (which will come from the Equipment Reserve Fund) and also approved the appointment of Presephoni Fuller to the JCAPS Board. The commission also awarded the street seal bid to B&H Paving for $180,717.50 and awarded the water line bid to King Enterprises, LLC for $17,575. After a 10-minute executive session (after which no action was taken), the meeting was concluded. 

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