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November 13th, 2019

city of liberal logoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Several local entities have already passed their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year and the Liberal City Commission will be the latest to approve its 2020 fiscal year budget at its next meeting this evening starting at 5:30. 

Discussion of the budget will start with a public hearing, and then staff is recommending the commission approve Resolution No. 2310, which concerns the adoption of the budget.

“The city’s Notice of Budget Hearing was published and contains a proposed total budget amount of $47,688,500, a mill levy dollar amount of $6,285,134 and an estimated mill levy of 51.827 mills, based upon the July 1, estimated valuation, which is identical to the city’s 2019 budget mill levy,” the agenda information noted. “On Nov. 1, the final assessed valuation will be determined for which our number of mills necessary to fund our dollar request is subject to change. However, the levied dollars will not change. Due to the increase in the estimated 2020 valuation over the 2019 assessed valuation, an additional $63,616 will be generated. Staff wishes to express our appreciation to the commission and all city staff, who are to be commended for their commitment to the efforts to maintain the quality and level of services they provide to the citizens at as low a cost as possible.”

Up next for the commission will be discussion of Resolution No. 2311, which concerns authorizing the sale and conveyance of certain property to Polo Fields, LLC. 

“Whereas, pursuant to Ordinance No. 4360, as amended and supplemented by Ordinance No. 4370, and the bond agreement dated as of the Issue date of the Bonds, the city has previously issued its taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds, Series 2009 (Halliburton Project) in the original aggregate principal amount not exceeding $1.2 million to finance the cost of acquiring and remodeling a certain industrial facility, with said project having been leased to Polo Fields, LLC,” the agenda information noted. 

The commission will also be asked to approve a sensus upgrade for the Water Department, and will also be discussing the purchase of some equipment for the Public Grounds Department before concluding the meeting with an update on some new construction going on throughout the community. 

“Staff is requesting approval to purchase a Turf Renovator for $12,995 for the Parks, the soccer complex, the golf course and the cemetery facilities,” the agenda information noted. “This is a multi-use piece of equipment and will be used by many departments. The Turf Renovator will allow us to de-thatch, aerate, level turf, do lip removal and remove gopher mounds. This equipment will also allow us to properly take care of the soccer facilities and will also help us alleviate soil compaction, promote nutrient penetration and increase drainage on our turf fields and parts due to all the youth and adult athletic activities. This was not a budgeted item, and staff is requesting this be purchased out of the Soccer Complex budget.”

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